Godzilla Vs. Biollante


5 or so years after his much publicized comeback, Toho finally capitalised on it by kick starting a new era and rebooting Godzilla and a clutch of his most famous fellow monsters into what eventually became known as the Heisei Era series. Dropping the goofier plots of old, which climaxed in some good ol’ man-in-a-suit monster wrasslin’ in favour of more ambitious stories favouring more out-there sci-fi concepts which usually end with much more spectacular energy attacks, Godzilla Vs. Biollante heralded a whole new direction for the long running series but unfortunately doesn’t nail it enough.
While GVB is certainly different, it annoyingly overcomplicates it’s own story with way too many plot strands and a decidedly “non-monster” focus in favour of a more human-sentric thriller story.


Following his imprisonment inside a volcano in 1984, the world seems to be safe from any more bludgeoning from the monster known as Godzilla. However, wouldn’t you know it, Bio-terrorists are threatening to detonate said volcano and free Godzilla if cells left over from his previous attack aren’t turned over to them. Also a Saradian Bio-company has unleashed an agent of theirs to steal the promeathian cells for themselves. Meanwhile a grieving scientist has bonded the “G-cells” with plant DNA and genetic material from his own deceased daughter (yay, science!) to create the monster Biollante, a giant rose with Dracula fangs and Audrey II vines. Chuck in a psychic who may have an inside track on altering the path of Godzilla’s newest rampage and you see what I meant when I used the words over complicated.


This may have been because chunks of this movie were farmed out in a “create a foe for Godzilla” writing competition which was won by a dentist (?) which then was panel-beaten into the “Bio” heavy plot we have to grapple with here. However, despite being somewhat of a heavy meal story wise, when Godzilla Vs. Biollante finally gets out from under it’s own story it kicks brief, if serious ass. Biollante herself, especially in her final version, is an impressive beast, boasting more teeth than the entire Jaws franchise and towering above her foe, she sprays acid from her crocadillian mouth and can even piece Godzilla’s flesh with her vines. In fact it’s a shame there’s so little of her as she never resurfaced during the remainder of the franchise.


With a little too much plot in it’s plot but with a genuinely impressive adversary it’s just frustrating that Godzilla Vs. Biollante never truly blossoms.


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