Are DC Looking To Their Comic Book Past For Their Feature Film Future?

Over the past few days there have been a number of rumoured leaks about future DC films. That Hashtag Show reported that Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam film would feature Hawkman, Stargirl and Atom Smasher. Around the same time We Got This Covered ran a story that DC where looking to develop a Hawkman film starring a Muslim actor and it would also star Hawkgirl. The same site has now reported that they have been told by a source that a Doctor Fate film is also being considered.

Black Adam vs Hawkman

The connection between all of these characters is that at some point they have all been members of the Justice Society of America. The Justice Society, which first appeared in 1940, were the original comic book superhero team and laid the foundation for everything that has come since. Are DC looking towards the Justice Society as a replacement for the Justice League?

Doctor Fate

The heroes that DC are looking into launching all come from a mythological background and have origins in ancient Egypt and the Middle East. This also is the background for Shazam!, which happens to be getting rave reviews, so it would make sense for DC to build on this if that film is a critical and commercial success. Wonder Woman and Aquaman, both having flashbacks to this time period, could be folded into the mix and you could a fully formed team.

The Golden Age Flash meets the Ancient Egypt era Hawkman, Black Adam and Doctor Fate.

Is this a direction you would like to see DC take? What characters would you like to see make their film debuts? Comment below.

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