Top 5 Actors Who Could Play Hawkman

Rumours are building that Hawkman will make his debut in the Dwayne Johnson lead Black Adam film before taking flight in his own feature. Reports say the Warners and DC are looking for a Muslim actor to fill the roll. Whether they want a practicing Muslim or someone with North African/Middle Eastern heritage is unclear but the character’s origin is heavily linked to Egypt so an actor from that region would make sense. It has to be said that this has not been confirmed and the studio could be casting a wide net in their search because as the character reincarnates it means anyone could fill the role.

Here are our top five choices for the role.

5. Kit Harrington

With his nearly a decade long run on Game of Thrones coming to an end Harrington will be looking for something new to get his teeth into. There have been rumours attaching him to both the Star Wars and Bond franchises but the swords and sandals of Hawkman seem like a good fit.

4. Michael B. Jordan

When Jordan signed a first look deal with Warner Bros. the internet jumped to conclusions that he would be the next Superman. Rather than be compared to those who have come before, to portray Hawkman on the big screen for the first time, he would be able to create his own legacy. He has shown he can excel with comic book material in Black Panther and that he can carry a franchise with Creed. If he could bring Tessa Thompson with him to play Hawkgirl that would be perfect.

3. Riz Ahmed

Ahmed is a versatile actor on the rise with a proven track record in genre cinema. He was one of the standout characters in Rogue One and went toe to toe with Tom Hardy as the villain in Venom. He has shone in both comedies and the darkest of dramas so would fit in with whatever tine they went with the film. If not picked for Hawkman he could also play the villain and would be a good fit for Hath-Set (an Egyptian priest tied to Hawkman’s origin).

2. Oscar Isaac

Isaac would bring the class of an old school Hollywood film star to the role. He would be coming off the back off the sequel Star Wars trilogy where he has proven himself to be a swashbuckling action hero and has played an Egyptian god before in (the disappointing) X-Men: Apocalypse. Whether he would want to sign up for another franchise straight away is what may get in the way.

1. Rami Malek

If you want to get attention for the film then casting Rami Malek would put it on everybody’s radar. Not only is the Academy Award winner one of the hottest properties around at the moment but he is also of Egyptian descent and played a pharaoh before (In the Night at the Museum films). He has the acting ability to excel in the role and has proven that he can physically transform himself for roles.

What do you think of our choices? Who would you choose? Comment below.

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