Top 5 DC Characters We Want To Get Their Own Films

DC’s cinematic universe got off to a rocky start. Their first few films (Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad) were commercially successful but not critical hits. Off the back of this success they announce a full slate of films and every week there seemed to be more films rumoured to be in production.

Wonder Woman was their first true success but this was followed by the mess that was Justice League. At this point films that had been announced started to disappear from the release schedule. Aquaman and Shazam! were the only films in production and Birds of Prey was about to start shooting.

When Aquaman came out DC had a massive commercial and critical hit on their hands. The change in tone of the film making to a more positive vibe caught on with the public and the critical response to Shazam! looks like this will continue. It is now open season on announcing new DC films again and with the success that Marvel is having with their lesser known properties means that anything is fair game.

Here are our top five choices.

5. Hitman

Tommy Monaghan is, as his name suggests, a hitman. He was created for DC’s 1993 Bloodlines event, by Garth Ennis and John McCrea, and has the powers of x-ray vision and telepathy which are the result of being bitten by an alien parasite.

The character is extremely versatile and during the run of his comic, which is set in Gotham, has gone up against virtually anything you could imagine. Zombie fish, vampires, the CIA, the SAS, the mob, aliens, Nazis, demons and dinosaurs – Tommy has fought them all.

If DC handled this correctly it could be their Deadpool.

4. Ragman

Created in the 70’s, by Joe Kubert and Robert Kanigher, Ragman (Rory Regan) is mystical hero whose suit of rags absorbs the souls of evil-doers. The current incarnation of the character pulls from Jewish folklore and this would add to the diversity of heroes that we are now seeing on screen.

There is also a horror aspect to the character that, along with films like the announce The Trench (a spin-off from Aquaman), could open up new avenues to explore in the DC Universe.

3. Manhunter

Manhunter is one of DC’s legacy characters and over the years many have held the title. The version that we are hoping for is Kate Spencer, created by Marc Andreyko and Jesus Saiz, who first appeared in 2004.

Kate is a federal prosecutor who has had enough of super criminals evading justice. She takes things into her own hands and raids the evidence locker, taking various bits of hero and villain equipment, to kit herself out as a superhero.

On top of this she is also a single mother and has to balance her family life with being a hero. Kate has also been a member of the Birds of Prey so there is an opportunity to bring her in this way if DC wanted to.

2. Superman

Yes, we know he has already had his own film and appear in BVS and Justice League but this new look DCEU needs a Superman. This new lighter and brighter tone is perfect for the character and given the right creative team and story he could be back on top of the superhero heap.

1. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold

This is a bit of a cheat but if you have one of these characters you have to have both. Blue Beetle is another legacy character, who had a couple of owners until DC acquired him in 1983. Booster Gold, who debuted in 1986 and was created by Dan Jurgens, was DC’s first new character after Crisis On Infinite Earths.

Originally not a double act the pair were brought together by Keith Giffen and J. M. DeMatteis in the late 80s Justice League.

Beetle is a tech genius and Booster a fame seeking man from the future. Together they could be the Riggs and Murtaugh of the DC Universe

What do you think of our choices? Who would you choose? Comment below.

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