Top 5 Reasons To Get Excited About Marvel’s The Eternals

The Eternals look set to be one of the most exciting projects coming to the future of the MCU but why should we be excited?

With Marvel’s next phase completely shrouded in mystery there’s more speculation than official news out there. But the one film that we’ve started to get more and more news about is the upcoming ‘The Eternals.’

Created by Jack Kirby, the eponymous species are an enhanced form of humanity created by the Celestials to aid them in their ongoing war against the Deviants.

So why should start to care about these lesser known characters? Well strap in because here is the Top 5 Reasons you should be excited about Marvel’s The Eternals.

5. Chloe Zhao is in the Director’s chair.

Director Chloe Zhao (@MCU_Tweets)

Marvel continue to work with their mission statement of reflecting the world outside our windows by showcasing diversity in front of and behind the camera. Chloe Zhao is an excellent choice to helm the film, her 2017 film ‘The Rider’ earned much critical acclaim and Marvel has a knack for taking indie directors and propelling them onto huge things. With Matthew and Ryan Firpo on board to write the film, it looks like The Eternals is in very good hands.

4. MCU’s first openly Gay character.

Hercules (Marvel Comics)

According to a report earlier in the year Marvel were looking to cast it’s first openly LGBTQ character in The Eternals, which would be a huge step towards a more inclusive universe. Since then it has been heavily rumoured that the character would be none other than Hercules, as reported by Gay Times. Whilst not traditionally an LGBTQ character in an alternate Universe in ‘X-Treme X-Men’ Hercules and Wolverine where romantically involved. No matter the character it’s definitely to get excited about the new film as representation matters and hopefully this will be a step towards greater inclusion. Marvel has previously shot a scene with Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie that had confirmed her characters bisexuality but the scene was cut from the final edit.

3. Angelina Jolie and Kumail Nanjiani are set to star.

The Eternals (Marvel Comics)

Now it should really come as no surprise that Marvel is one of the most attractive gigs for any actor or actresses in Hollywood and that Marvel Studios continue to attract big names to their films. But Angelina Jolie is a whole another level of talent. An incredible actor and a huge name as well, Jolie gives a lesser known property like The Eternals that added star quality that will draw in those not familiar with the characters. It’s likely that she’ll be playing Sersi, an Eternal who is no doubt one of the leads of the film. Joining her in the film looks to be the amazing Kumail Nanjiani. Whilst not yet confirmed it seems that he’s set to be in the upcoming MCU flick. We can speculate as to who he may be playing, we think he might be either Makkari or even Eros, who just happens to be the brother of Thanos.

2. Being set Millions of years before the MCU

Celestials (Marvel Comics)

In a report from Production Weekly we’ve discovered from a plot synopsis that the film will be set millions of years ago when the Celestials first created the Eternals and Deviants. The film was earlier reported to span across years so it’s likely that we will witness our main characters across the ages. This is great due to the fact we can explore so many different times and cultures that the MCU so far has been unable to reach. With it being so far removed from what has happened it is a film that doesn’t come with the added weight of worrying about continuity. Rather it can pick and choose what it wants to involve itself in.

1. Possibly introducing the X-Gene to the MCU

The Eternals/ The X-Men (Marvel Studios)

We got through most of the top 5 with a small amount of speculation, but here at the final hurdle we fall to pure speculation. But stay with us because this one is plausible. We already know that in this film the Celestials will be involved. We’ve met one already in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in the form of Kurt Russell’s Ego, who used his gifts to create life and manipulate it. We also saw one using the Power Stone to destroy a whole planet so needless to say they’re fairly powerful. In the comics the Celestials are responsible for the creation of the Eternals and could perhaps as well through some slight changes to the lore sneak in the creation of the X-Gene as well. It would only need to be a small seed that could eventually down the line lead to perhaps the mutants finally no longer being a dirty word in the MCU. Now with the Disney/Fox deal completed the path is clear for Marvel Studios to use the mutants for the first time. But with Kevin Feige stating that it’s not going to happen for a long time, The Eternals could be the perfect place to plant the first seed for a future mutant movie.

Are you looking forward to Marvel’s The Eternals? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Yes, looking forward for The Eternals, great and good actors , Angelina , Kumail and the rest to be an upcoming performers….this will be a great Superhero movies , hopefully everything will materialize not to forget great Director too


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