Top 5 Things We Learnt From The Episode IX Teaser

After months of waiting we finally got our first look at Episode IX when the teaser trailer was released at Star Wars Celebration and the title was revealed to be The Rise Of Skywalker. While it is definitely a teaser, with there only being hints at what the story could be, there is enough imagery to start the speculation about what is going on.

Here are the top five things we took from the trailer.

5. Echoes of Han


We see one of the medals from the Battle of Yavin. Unless there is a return to Ahch-to to collect Luke’s belongings we are guessing that this is Han’s. This will remind our heroes of what only a small band of rebels can achieve.

4. Confirmation that they are using unused Carrie Fisher footage


People were worried about how Lucasfilm were going to get Carrie Fisher into the movie after her untimely death. There were rumours of CGI after it was used to bring Peter Cushing back in Rogue One but this has always been denied and Lucasfilm said that they had enough old footage to work with. The shot of Carrie in the trailer is clearly a different take of the Rey/Leia embrace at the end of The Force Awakens.

3. Lando is back in the Falcon


After missing out on the previous two sequels Billy Dee Williams is back as Lando. We see him in the pilot seat of the Falcon which, as you will know, was originally his ship. If anyone deserves to fly off with the Falcon at the end it’s Lando.

2. Kylo is going back to his original look


Kylo will be returning to his original look by reconstructing his helmet. Will he follows Vader’s path and be redeemed or is he going be become the ultimate evil?

1. Palpatine and a Death Star return


It’s this shot and the accompanying audio that raise the most questions. We see the remains of a Death Star and hear Palpatine’s laugh. Are we on Endor? How could Palpatine have survived the fall and explosion? Is he going to be a clone? If Palpatine is the villain will Rey and Kylo have to team up? Will there be a surprise Skywalker revelation? We will have to wait until December to find out.

What did you get from the teaser? Comment below.

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