Top 5 Things That We Want To See In ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’.

The release of ‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker’ is upon us and for the last two years there has been much speculation about what is going to happen in the film.

As seems to be common with the majority of the new ‘Star Wars’ films this has not been the smoothest of productions. There was the untimely death of Carrie Fisher, the backlash to ‘The Last Jedi’, the dismissal of the original writer and director, the return of J. J. Abrams, the argument over whether there was or wasn’t a plan for the trilogy. This has left people wondering what we will actually see on screen.

Here we look at the Top 5 things that we want to see.

5. The Ewoks

In the trailer we see the remains of the second Death Star in the sea of an unnamed planet. That Death Star exploded over the moon of Endor so it would make sense that the remains have landed on the moon or the planet itself. If your heroes are visiting the area it would be a missed opportunity if they don’t look in on the Ewoks.

4. Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda (we known that it isn’t actual baby Yoda but that is what everyone is calling him) from ‘The Mandalorian’ is the hottest thing in Star Wars right now. It is the one thing that the fans are not arguing about. We don’t know how it would work, as the film and show are set in different eras, but if they can get him in the film somehow it would be a boost to both.

3. Sheev Palpatine

All of the promotion for the film is promising the return of Emperor Palpatine but it won’t be revealed how until we see the film. We don’t won’t a ghost or the possession of another character. If we don’t see him appear physically in the film we will feel cheated.

2. A Whole Lot Of Force Ghosts

‘The Last Jedi’ brought back force ghost Yoda but we wanted to see a whole bunch of them. Having force ghosts of Jedi from previous trilogies appear would be a way of linking everything together. With today’s technology they could use both live and dead actors and have them appear at different ages.

1. Wedge Antilles

Wedge was a constant of the original trilogy where he was involved in all the main battles but always in the background. This is the type of character that they haven’t really been able to emulate in the other trilogies and the reason that Wedge has gained a cult following. Dennis Lawson, the actor who portrays Wedge, was offered the chance to appear in ‘The Force Awakens’ but turned it down but after his appearance at Star Wars Celebration hopefully he has changed his mind this time round.

What to you want to see? Comment below.

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