Hawkman Cast For ‘Black Adam’

Aldis Hodge, most recently seen in ‘The Invisible Man’ is in final talks to play Hawkman in the ‘Shazam’ spinoff ‘Black Adam’.

Hawkman is one of the oldest DC comic book characters, first appearing in 1940, and has made several live action appearances on the small screen.  ‘Black Adam’ will be the character’s cinematic debut.

The character is traditionally an Egyptian prince cursed to reincarnate with his present day identity being Carter Hall, an Indiana Jones type character, who is give the powers of strength and flight from an alien ‘nth’ metal.  Hawkman was a founding member of the Justice Society and has been on the Justice League.

At various times the character has been depicted as an alien policeman but it is more than likely that it is the Egyptian version being used in the film as this ties into Black Adam backstory.

Hodge will join the already cast Dwayne Johnson (Black Adam) and Noah Centineo (Atom Smasher) on the project. Jaume Collet-Serra is directing with the hope that film can go into production this winter.

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