Top 5 Characters That Could Have Saved Grogu From Order 66


One of the big reveals in ‘The Mandalorian’ was that the child, now known to be called Grogu, was trained at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant by many masters.  We are told he was taken from there during Order 66 and then only felt darkness, fear and alone. Nothing is a said about who took him.  Here we look at the possibilities.

5. Yoda and Obi-Wan

Alright, this is two characters but they were together when it happened.  Yoda and Kenobi returned to the temple after Order 66 during ‘Revenge Of The Sith’. They could have found Grogu and smuggled him out.  Of course, all off this would have to happen off-screen but it would add a wrinkle to Yoda’s “There is another”.


4. Jocasta Nu

The ‘Darth Vader’ comic showed that Jocasta Nu, the Jedi librarian, survived the Jedi Temple massacre and her plan was to set up a new Jedi school.  To start a school you need pupils.  She was hunted down and killed by Vader before she could do this but what if she had already taken Grogu.


3. A clone trooper

Hundreds of clones stormed the temple.  If one of them had a faulty or damaged implant then they wouldn’t have been triggered by Order 66.  A sympathetic clone, having spent years fighting alongside the Jedi, would have realised what they were doing was wrong and could have had an opportunity to rescued Grogu.


2. Moff Gideon

Gideon is after Grogu for his blood but we don’t know how long he has known about him and been looking for him.  What if Gideon had started his experiments as a far back as the Clone Wars era.  This could have been one of the Emperor’s special projects. Gideon could have taken Grogu from the temple but Grogu would have been too powerful for him to control and at some point escaped.


1. Maul

Maul was last seen fleeing from a crashing Republic cruiser, that was on it’s way to Coruscant, during the final episode of ‘The Clone Wars’. He was looking for revenge against both the Sith and the Jedi and had felt Order 66 through the force. What better way to do this than take a powerful youngling from the Jedi temple and turn them into your own Sith apprentice. We have seen that there is a darkness in Grogu, for example when he choked Cara Dune, and this could have come from Maul. Grogu could have cut himself off from the Force when he realised what was happing to him. Also, Maul set up the Crimson Dawn criminal empire and this would explain how Grogu was in the hands of a criminal gang when we first meet him. After Maul’s fall Grogu could have been traded between gangs as currency due to how powerful he could be.

Who do you think it was? Comment below.

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