‘Wonder Woman 3’ Fast Tracked

Following the release of the much delayed ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Warner Bros. have announced a green light for ‘Wonders Woman 3’. Patty Jenkins will return to write and direct with Gal Gadot coming back as Wonder Woman.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ was released straight to HBO Max in the US but Warner Bros. has said the plan is to release the third film in cinemas.

Even though the project has been fast tracked it is unclear when the film is planned to be released. Jenkins has signed on to direct ‘Star Wars: Rogue Squadron’ which will debut in December 2023. Jenkins and Gadot are also planning on making ‘Cleopatra’ together.

Unless preproduction on the next ‘Wonder Woman’ is already well underway and can be shot within the next year, don’t expect to see the film until 2024 at the earliest.

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