WandaVision – Season 1, Episode 2: Don’t Touch That Dial

We dive back into the idealistic monochromatic world that Wanda and the Vision are trapped/living in and this episode goes full ‘Bewitched’ including an animated title sequence.  The superhero couple are spending their time trying to fit in suburbia.  Both are aware that something is not quite right but can’t put their finger on it.

The trick the show is pulling off is that this feels like an actual classic sitcom.  From the canned laughter to the pristine sets and clean camera angles, the recreation of that era of television is spot on.  You can believe that there was a show about a witch and her android husband.

Throughout the episode Wanda is becoming more aware that everything is not what it seems and paranoia is starting to sneak in.  Through the night Wanda and Vision hear tapping on their window which Vision chalks up to tree branches in the wind.  In the morning sees a splash of colour in the hedge and when she investigates it’s a red and gold (Iron-Man colours) toy helicopter. The colour really pops from the black and white.  We also get another splash of red later in the episode when the queen bee of the local housewives cuts her hand on a glass while talking to Wanda.

This monochrome with dashes of colour suggesting that there more to life is very reminiscent of ‘Pleasantville’. There it was to express sexual awakening but here it seems there is something more sinister at work.  We get another ad break interlude and this time it is for a Strucker Hydra watch.  Hydra, lead by Strucker, were responsible for the creation of Wanda.

The episode takes a real David Lynch turn at the end as Wanda wills herself to be pregnant.  Wanda and Vision then go outside and see a beekeeper climb out of a manhole in the middle of the street.  Wanda says “no”, rewinds time, and turns everything to colour. Wanda clearly knows more about what is going on than it at first appeared and this Vision is most likely a creation of hers.

This is becoming a genuine slice a American Gothic. It is starting to have an eeriness throughout that is exacerbated by a layer of sweetness. The mystery is building and you feel the world could explode into action at anytime.


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