WandaVision – Season 1, Episode 3: Now In Color

Now that the show is in colour we step into the world of 70s sitcoms with a focus on the stylings of ‘The Brady Bunch’. The story picks up the day after the previous episode and Wanda’s pregnancy is progressing at an alarming rate.  The first two thirds follow a standard sitcom format and then things start to go off the rails.

The show leans heavy into how pregnancy was portrayed in this type of show with the good wife suffering while the husband mansplans it to her from a book.  Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany  are clearly having a good of a time playing their roles and the family friendly comedy with the chemistry still present from the films.  What lifts this show is both actors have the ability to convincingly switch there acting style mid-scene to straight drama.

We, the audience, know that something is not right as the show is not fitting within the universe in which it set.  The question is which of the characters knows what is going on.  Vision is the first one to mention it this episode and when he does Wanda turns back time again.  Does Wanda know what’s going on or is she just trying to stay happy in the life she is presented with.

Wanda goes into labour despite only being pregnant for less than a day so Vision speeds off to fetched the doctor.  Geraldine (Teyonah Parris), the new woman in town, pops by to visit and Wanda spend the whole time trying to hide her baby bump but ends up delivering her baby in front of her.  When Vision returns with the doctor we get a touching scene where he meets his child for the first time and then finds out it’s twins.  It’s at this point the show becomes really unsettling and again there is David Lynchian style on display.

Vision walks the doctor out and asks about his holiday.  The doctor says you can’t escape the town.  Vision then over hears the neighbours (Kathryn Hahn and David Payton) talking about Geraldine and when he confronts them they say she doesn’t belong here, that she doesn’t even have a home.  When he presses them on it they can’t finish their sentences.

Inside the house, Wanda mentions that she was a twin and that her brother Pietro died.  This flicks a switch in Geraldine who out of nowhere says that he was killed by Ultron.  This is the first direct mention of events that we know have happened in the MCU and it slaps you in the face.  Geraldine’s knowledge of Ultron sparks an anger in Wanda and Wanda blasts her through the wall of their reality.  Geraldine end up in a field surrounded by S.W.O.R.D. agents.

The town that the characters are living in is covered by a force-field.  What we don’t know is whether they are trapped there or being held for a reason.  Is Wanda the hero or villain?  So far Wanda is they only one we have seen do things that effect the reality but how aware is she of what she is doing.  The ad break we get this week implies that mind control is in play but is this referring to Hydra mind control from the past or something that is happening now?

The story is starting to pick up some momentum and the questions are starting to pile up. Now that the false reality has been cracked the answers should start coming.

What started out as gentle sitcom is becoming a mystery thriller.


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