Top 5 Things We Noticed From The Godzilla Vs. Kong Trailer

So, after seemingly an eternity of waiting, we finally got a full, proper trailer for Godzilla Vs Kong and thankfully it was worth the wait. As we take our seats for this main event for the ages, let’s pick a few moments from this Kaiju-tastic trailer and see if we can’t deduce which one of these towering icons will emerge triumphant and which will be dragged out on the world’s largest stretcher…

5. Godzilla’s A Dick

Godzilla having a case of the villains isn’t exactly new but this’ll be the first time in the MonsterVerse that he’ll be painted as an out and out antagonist. Something is desidedly up with the reigning King Of The Monsters and it’s something a little bit more than professional jealousy. “Something’s making Godzilla hurt people and we don’t know why!” frets a returning Kyle Chandler as we see Millie Bobby Brown and Julian Dennison go on a globe trotting mission to discover why Big-G has gone all destroy all humans… Mind control? An impostor? A WWE style heel turn? The theories start here.

4. Kong’s On A Hero Quest

Footage of Kong in chains as he’s transported across the sea isn’t as tragic as it first seems as it sounds very much like the humans are escorting a much bigger Kong than we’ve ever seen before to unlock something from his past. Rebecca Hall makes some mention of a past war that maybe occured millions of years ago which left Kong and Godzilla as the last one’s standing. Was it a full Kaiju war or just one exclusively between the two dominant species – either way, we’ve seen remains of both in both Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island so it definitely possible. Whatever happens, Kong manages to snag himself a sweet battle axe made from a ‘Zilla dorsal plate that may turn the tide…

3. We’re Supposed To Root For Kong

Obviously, giving Kong a hero quest speaks for itself but the trailer doubles down on the fact this this isn’t exactly a balanced feud like Captain America: Civil War. Kong is clearly the good guy (at least for most of the film) aligning him with both the Predator and Jason Vorhees as the “chaotic good” protagonist in this particular Vs movie. It makes sense as Kong has just as long a history bonding with humans as he has stomping on them and his connection with a little girl further strengthens that he’s very much the white hat in this clash of the titans.

2. The Fight Will Have Multiple Rounds

Rather than being like Batman Vs Superman’s “one and done” match up, the trailer shows our two combatants throwing down in numerous locations and at different times of the day which suggests that both will win various battles before one of them will reportedly score a definitive victory. But who will win? Godzilla has superior firepower and is way more durable whereas Kong is smarter, more agile and throws meat like a 300 foot Mike Tyson – the filmmakers have promised us a clear winner despite the 1962 version had Kong squeaking through on a points decision but there’s something on the horizon which may effect the final outcome…

1. Wait, Is That…. Mechagodzilla?!

If you check out the top right of the first pic and the the screen on the left of the second, it certainly supports the theory that Godzilla’s robot double will be making a last act appearance to literally crash the party (and everything else) much like Doomsday in Batman Vs Superman (does that mean we’ll get a “Save…Mothra…” scene too?). If true, than where the hell has it come from? Has the terrorist group fronted by Charles Dance in the Godzilla sequel finally done something with that severed King Ghidorah head to create a man-made Kaiju? Nonetheless, expect a last minute team up and maybe even a heroic death for one of the monsters as this very well might be the last entry in Legendary’s MonsterVerse as their use of the rights expire once the film is released. Whatever the outcome (I’m on Team Godzilla, myself), those of you in the US will know the results in March thanks to HBO Max and a theatrical run while the rest of us losers have wait until May. Seconds out, boys .. come out swinging.

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