Cobra Kai – Season 3, Episode 7: Obstáculos

Finally the LaRussos decide to do something about Samantha’s (Mary Mouser) PTSD.  The poor girl has been suffering all seasons from the events of the school fight and no-one seemed to be noticing.  She shakes when she see Cobra Kai and now she is having nightmares that Tory (Peyton List) is going to kill her.

Daniel’s (Ralph Macchio) solution is to take her on a Mister Miyagi-style fishing trip but the last thing Sam wants right now is Karate training.  The father and daughter have a heart to heart and she reveals that it is fear that is causing the problems in her life.  Daniel takes her to the All Valley Sports Arena, the home of his great victory and nearly his big defeat, and his pep talk gives us flashbacks to ‘The Karate Kid Part III’. The lesson is that you can be defeat by your opponent but you can’t let yourself be defeated by fear.  This breaks Sam out of her shell and they get back to training.

Johnny (William Zabka) is doing a similar thing with Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) in his attempt to get him walking again.  He won’t accept defeat from Miguel and miraculously his techniques work and he is up and running again.  Johnny doesn’t hang around when it comes to throwing the wheelchair away and gets straight to work in finding a new dojo for them to train in.  It turns out the only place he can afford is the local park because it is free.

Miguel heads back to school lokking to get new recruits for Johnny but soon finds out that things have changed while he has been out of commission.  None of his friends have thought to tell him how bad things have got with Cobra Kai’s behaviour and a quick one to one with Demetri (Gianni DeCenzo) about his broken arm sets him straight.  He confronts Hawk (Jacob Bertrand) and tries to talk him into joining Johnny’s new Dojo and turn things back to how they were before Kreese got involved.  Johnny comes to the school and gives an impassioned speech to his old Cobra Kai students to try and turn them back to his side but in Hawk’s eyes he let them down. We are beginning to see the cracks in Hawk’s tough guy persona. He believes he is right but when confronted be John and Miguel you can see the doubt creeping into his eyes

Johnny starts his new Dojo in the park and along with Miguel all the Cobra Kai dropouts, those considered to weak by Kreese, have joined him.  The new Dojo will be called Eagle Fang Karate as, in Johnny’s eyes, if you don’t consider the ‘mythical’ mongoose to be real the eagle is the only animal that can kill a snake.  He also doesn’t like having it pointed out the eagles don’t have fangs.  He even has T-shirts. Hawk turns up and all is looking rosy but then Kreese and the rest of Cobra Kai step out from behind a bush. Kreese makes one last offer for Johnny to join him or be crushed.

Zabka’s Johnny Lawrence really has become the heart of the show. He carries both the drama and the comedy. Everyone is solid but he rises to the top. His ability to play a man stuck in the 80s is what brings you back every episode and the running gag about not understanding computers hasn’t got tired yet.

Another entertaining episode that clearly defines the good guys and the bad guys with Hawk wavering in the middle.


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