‘Titans’ Welcome Jay Lycurgo As The New Robin

Jay Lycurgo will be the first actor to play Tim Drake, the third Robin, in live action.  He will be portraying the character in the third season of ‘Titans’.

Tim Drake was introduced in the comics as Batman’s third sidekick in the early 90s during the ‘A Lonely Place Of Dying’ storyline.  It featured a Batman on the the verge of losing control following a falling out with the original Robin, Dick Grayson, and the death of Jason Todd, the second Robin.  Drake, a teenage Batman fan and genius, realises, uncovers Batman’s secret identity and realises he needs a Robin to stay stable.

The first two Robins already feature on the show.  Dick Grayson adopted the Nightwing identity last season and with Jason Todd becoming Red Hood in season three it means the Robin mantle is now open.

Season three is currently in production.

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