Top 5 Marvel Characters Who Could Appear In WandaVision

Well… now that was some episode.

Now that some of the veil has been lifted from our eyes thanks to the superlative fourth episode of Marvel Studio’s flagship show, it’s fairly obvious that all bets are now off. With the show re-introducing Darcy and Agent Woo, giving Monica Rambeau a backstory and allowing us to see first-hand the results of the Hulk reversing The Blip, the stage is set for any number of cameos as Wanda’s mental health rapidly deteriorates. But who could from Wanda’s past could show up; and why; and how? Possible spoilers ahead.

5. Ultron

Vision’s deadly dear old dad, an appearance of this arch Avengers villain was made all the more likely thanks to the shock revelation that Wanda sometimes sees Vision as the hollow-skulled husk Thanos left him back in Avengers: Infinity War. Both Wanda and the murderous A.I. were temporary comrades in arms, united in their hatred of Tony Stark – but fell out when his plans to annihilate mankind became known. As Wanda’s grip on reality loosens, a guest spot from Ultron wouldn’t be hard to do – James Spader wouldn’t even have to be on set to lend his rumbling vocal chords to this welcome call back.

4. Speed

Some outside odds on this one but hear me out. Rumours persist that rival Quicksilver Evan Peters (who stole the show in X-Men: Days Of Future Past) will be making an appearance – but instead of showing up as a version of Wanda’s brother from the multiverse, how about he shows up as a fully grown version of Speed; one of the Young Avengers. Tommy has already been born alongside his twin Billy (aka. Wiccan), but this idea would be a neat twist on bringing the two Quicksilvers into the MCU.

3. Hawkeye

Another long shot, but then long shots are his speciality. Hawkeye’s been Wanda’s number one supporter ever since she joined the team. Not only would he be the natural choice to talk her down from her reality warping mania (if in fact that’s actually what this is), but it would be a neat way to prime audiences for Hawkeye’s upcoming solo show – and possibly set up the character’s loss of hearing.

2. Quicksilver

The one we’re all hoping for… What with a large list of past characters due to make comebacks in the various Disney+ shows that include Zemo, Batroc, The Abomination, Sharon Carter and Justin Hammer, an appearance of Wanda’s brother Pietro would be sublime. Last seen getting drilled with Quinjet bullets courtesy of Ultron, Wanda making reality her bitch in order to see her brother again makes a hell of a lot of sense and a return of Aaron Taylor Johnson would be most welcome.

1. Doctor Strange

The odds on favourite. Considering Doctor Stephen Strange is poised to make a sizable splash in Phase 4, a last episode episode arrival of Sorcerer Supreme makes a huge amount of sense. Elizabeth Olsen is already confirmed for Doctor Strange In The Mountains Of Madness and if Wanda’s powers have gone out of control and hurtling towards a House Of M style moment, then the good Doctor is a prime suspect to teach her how to control her abilities.

Who do you think will do a guest spot?

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