Star Wars #9 (February 2021)

Operation Starlight – Part I: The Ancient Relic

Writer: Charles Soule, Artist: Jan Bazaldua, Colours: Rachelle Rosenberg

“OPERATION STARLIGHT” BEGINS, AS THE REBEL PATHFINDERS UNDERTAKE A DESPERATE MISSION TO THE IMPERIAL CORE. In the Imperial Museum on CORUSCANT, an ancient droid holds the key to salvation of the REBEL ALLIANCE. The Rebels’ elite operations team, the PATHFINDERS, must pull off a daring heist right under the nose of the EMPEROR himself, with LANDO and LOBOT along for the ride! official solicitation

Charles Soule, Lucasfilm’s go to Star Wars writer at the moment, continues the adventures of our main heroes with the start of a new arc. The Rebels are on the run after the battle of Hoth and Imperial Commander Zahra has made it her mission to track them down. She has broken the codes on the Rebel communications and one wrong move by the Rebels could be their downfall.

Leia needs new codes so she can organise the Rebellion and C-3PO has a plan. He knows of an ancient dead language called Thawak that was only spoken by one extinct species. If they can get this language they can make new codes and there is only one droid in the galaxy that knows who to speak it. Unfortunately, that droid is in the Imperial museum on Coruscant. The Rebels are going to have to carry out a heist to get their hands on the droid and the man to lead that heist is Kes, father of Poe, Dameron.

The problem with this issue is that the heist isn’t interesting and comes across as to easy. There is nothing elaborate about how the Rebels carry it out. They say they need a good ship and a smuggler to carry it out so Lando and the Falcon are put on the team. But we don’t see Lando do anything. We cut straight to the team on Coruscant when there could have been a lot of tension around their infiltration. Lobot is also on the team to crack codes and help plan the heist but they don’t use him because they don’t have time. Instead, the heist is carried out by one of the Rebels sacrificing himself by causing a ruckus and distracting the guards.

We don’t see the Rebels actually steal the droid or how they got it off the planet without being seen and when the heist is over the Imperial’s don’t even notice it has happened. Back at the Rebel fleet C-3PO tries to re-activate to droid but finds out it’s corrupted so everything was in vain.

Nothing is achieved and the story isn’t furthered. Heists are meant to be tense and complex but everything seemed easy and straightforward. There wasn’t even any weight to the Rebel sacrificing himself as his fate is revealed in dialogue. Comics are a visual medium and everything important should be shown not told.

This isn’t a bad comic, it just seems unnecessary.


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