Top 5 Characters That We Want To See In ‘Star Wars: Rogue Squadron’ (That Aren’t Wedge)

The next Star Wars film to be released in cinemas will be ‘Rogue Squadron’, directed by Patty Jenkins, in December 2023. Very little information has been released about the film and we don’t even know for sure where it will fit in the timeline but Jenkins has said that while it will be an original story it will acknowledge the games, books, and comics that have come before.  The concept of Rogue Squadron has been around since ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and the one constant has been the true hero of the Rebellion, Wedge Antilles, so we are taking it as a given that he will show up in some form.  Rather than waste one of our choices on Wedge, as there are plenty to choose from, we are going to look at what other characters we would like to see in the film.

5. Voort saBinring

Voort is a genetically engineered Gamorrean from the ‘X-Wing’ series of books but we are not putting him on the list for his personality but rather the visual.  With the rare exception, it is always human pilots that we see in the films. It would be great to see a large pig-man squeezed into a small X-Wing cockpit wearing an oversized helmet.

4. R2-D2

R2 was a mainstay of the first six Star Wars films and in a way the story was told through his eyes.  During the sequel trilogy R2 was sidelined with the spotlight being put on BB-8 and by the end of the films it wasn’t even clear who R2 belonged to.  But, R2 is a battle hardened astromech who is designed to be inserted into the back of starfighters.  ‘Rogue Squadron’ would be the perfect place for him to shine again.  He could either be adopted by the lead character or he could be the veteran training all the new astromechs.

3. Corran Horn

Corran Horn was a big character in the Legends stories and as yet has not made it over to canon.  The character is a Luke Skywalker analogue. A hotshot young pilot who gets swept up into a bigger story, goes on to discover his real father was a Jedi, and then trains under Skywalker to become a Jedi Master himself.  If the filmmakers want to make a more traditional Star Wars adventure then this is an already established character that they could use.

2. Hera Syndulla

‘Star Wars Rebels’ portrayed Hera as the best pilot in the Rebellion.  By the time the Rebels have won she is a General and she is established as such in the ‘Star Wars Squadrons’ video game.  Although there has been no canon connection to Rogue Squadron so far, her character would be perfect as a sympathetic commanding officer.  With the animated characters coming to prominence recently, Hera could be the next one to make the leap to live action.

1. Gavin Darklighter

‘Rogue Squadron’ has been pitched as ‘Top Gun’ in the Star Wars universe.  ‘Top Gun’ was all about a son struggling to prove himself more than his dead father’s reputation.  The closest Star Wars comes to this Gavin Darklighter.  Gavin, while not the son, is the younger cousin of Biggs Darklighter.  Biggs was the childhood best friend of Luke Skywalker and died during the final attack run on the first Death Star.  Gavin could be used as the connection to the past in the film and we could witness the pressure and drama of trying to live up to what has come before.

It could also reintroduce the Star Wars universe to the Darklighter moustache.

Who do you want to see? Comment below.

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