Top 5 Things We Noticed From The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Superbowl Trailer

Ah yes, Superbowl trailers…. Often the best thing about Superbowl Sunday to me, regrettably this year came up a little short when it came to stocking up on summer trailer madness – however, one ad stood head and carbon fiber wings above the rest and that was the most recent ad for Marvel Studios newest TV enterprise: The Falcon And The Winter Soldier.

As zippy as a rocket powered wing-suit and as hard hitting as a vibranium prosthetic arm, this newest blast of action whet the appetites of anyone desperate to see where the MCU goes once WandaVision goes off the air…

5. Madripoor

Assuming this actually is the fictional Southeast Asian island first seen in New Mutants #32; this would be the biggest hint that we’re not too far away from major X-Men name drops even since Scarlet Witch did her Magneto thing against a bunch of armed guards in the fifth episode of her Disney+ show. A frequent stomping ground of Wolverine in the comics, it’s unlikely we’ll get a cameo of that magnitude, but we’ll still be keeping an ear out for any name drops of his Cycloptic alter-ego, Patch…

4. Having A Smashing Good Time…

Details about the villains featured in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier have been both widely publicised and frustratingly sketchy, with the reappearance of French terrorist Batroc from The Winter Soldier confirmed, the unknown nature of Wyatt Russell’s US Agent and the resurfacing of a certain adversary last seen in Civil War (more on him later…). However, also getting their time in the sun are a villainous group that may be an offshoot of the minor Cap baddie known as Flag Smasher, fronted by Solo actress Erin Kellyman in an undisclosed role. While more is to be found out about this gang (most of all, how exactly do you smash a flag?), an action scene featuring them fighting our heroes on top of some moving trucks is sure to be an action highlight.

3. Unlucky For Some?

Last seen in Civil War and making a welcome return is Emily VanCamp as the former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, former CIA operative and former Captain America snogger Sharon Carter. Her little stunt smuggling out Cap and Falcon’s gear has seemingly left her in the cold and on the run from the law as we catch up with her aggressively whupping some butt and teaming up with out mismatched duo. The tying up of many character threads from the Captain America trilogy is extraordinary welcome and Agent 13 definitely deserves to have her time in the sun – especially since she was dumped in favour of her own aunt thanks to Cap’s time travelling hookup in Endgame. Whether this is a full role or just an extended, single episode cameo is unclear (fingers crossed on the latter) but nevertheless it’s still great to see her.

2. Finding Zemo

Arguably the biggest MCU callback in TFATWS will be the return of the shadowy Sokovian special forces agent Helmut Zemo, the only MCU villain to score a lasting victory over the Avengers. Again, details are thinner than a stick insect’s bust size, but the trailer suggests that he’s not entirely pleased that his plan to break up the Avengers failed to stick after the events of Endgame. Vowing to do away with all heroes and sporting a comic accurate mask (at last!), Daniel Brühl is set to make a villainous splash – or at least he will do once we find out exactly what his bloody plan is. If the character hasn’t let his jail time mellow him out, you can be sure it’ll involve lots of moving parts and red herrings…

1. Don’t Blink…

The thing that stands out by far in the trailer (aside from the feature film quality action) is the fact that Sam and Bucky still aren’t getting on. Be it the inherent jealousy that both consider themselves best buds of Captain America, or maybe it’s just the fact that they’ve tried to kill each other numerous times when the latter was a brainwashed Hydra assassin; their relationship in full of the strained griping of a kickass buddy cop movie which will undoubtedly be a high point in the six episode series. Proof of this is the awesome concept of having two superheroes entering counselling in an attempt to co-exist as a crime fighting duo which only leads to an epic staring contest.

All will begin to be revealed when the show kicks off on March 19th which will hopefully all give us some time to recover from whatever mind bending shocks wrap up WandaVision. Who will wear the shield? We’ll find out very soon.

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