Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #9 (March 2021)

The Terminus Gauntlet – Part 2: Squadron Of One

Writer: Ethan Sacks, Art: Paolo Villanelli, Colours: Arif Prianto

THE “TERMINUS GAUNTLET” CONTINUES! Trapped on a REBEL transport under attack by pirates, VALANCE must make a desperate gambit to survive. But little does the cyborg bounty hunter know he’s on a collision course with his old rival, DENGAR! Plus, a familiar face makes a shocking return with a plan that will change the underworld forever. official solicitation

Ethan Sacks continues the adventures of a bounty hunter who is trying to protect a child. Sound familiar? But no, this is the story of Beilert Valance the ex-Imperial pilot turned mercenary. He is trying to save Cadeliah, the heir to two criminal empires, and has enlisted the Rebellion to protect her. To repay the debt he is on a mission to rescue a rebel transport that is stranded in deep space.

The issues is wall to wall action. It kicks of with a flashback to Valance’s time in the Imperial Navy. Shot down and trapped behind enemy lines he has been abandoned by the Empire and is fighting for his life on an alien planet. At the point where all hope is lost Han Solo, his Imperial teammate, arrives to rescue him. We Valance says he can’t believe the Empire sent him Han replies he came on his own. This is Han before he joined, or even had any knowledge of, the Rebellion but he clear knows what the Empire is doing is wrong. This act clearly has a effect on Valance.

We then cut to the present, the time period after ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, and Beilert is undefire from pirates while approaching the stranded transport. Once on board, the rebel commander doesn’t seem happy to have Valance about and locks him in a cell but after a few twists and turns Valance is soon in a X-Wing fighting the pirates.

Were are now nine issues into this series and it is quickly becoming the most entertaining of the Star Wars titles. It is not tied as heavily to the continuity as the other books which gives it a freedom. As the future of the characters that are being used is not set in stone there are still stakes to what happens. But that’s not saying it doesn’t build on the main Star Wars universe. We get to see a bit more of Imperial Han Solo and there is an update of the history of the Ohnaka gang. Also, next issue we will see Dengar in action.

Good Star Wars entertainment.


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