Top 5 Things That Knocked Us Out In The Mortal Kombat Trailer

Despite the fact that it’s competition is solely made up of some of the worst films every made, it’s still a relevant point that the orginal Mortal Kombat is still the best video game movie of the 90’s. It’s sequel, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation isn’t. Like, really isn’t – but while the franchise floundered on screen, the notoriously bloodsoaked tournament went from strength to strength in it’s native, videogame form. However, what with the first trailer for debuting director Simon McQuoid’s hitting harder than an uppercut from a Lightning God, it seems this gritty reboot may test your might like never before… so let’s dig in and get to the spine of the trailer – and then tear it out and hold it above our heads as we scream with triumph.

5. Choose Your Fighter…

As the trailer opens we learn from Sonya Blade that the Mortal Kombat tournament has been going on for a while thanks to a run in her troops had with chilly killer Sub Zero years earlier. This leads us to an introduction with Cole Young, a completely orginal character created for the movie who will presumably be our eyes as we return to Outworld. A martial artist gifted with a dragon birthmark, it’s an interesting point that the majority of the more familiar characters will be used as more of an ensemble than to carry the film, but it’s a good sign that the movie is trying something new.

4. Some Familiar Faces…

So far, we know the film is stacked with a smattering of characters from the first couple of games including Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, Jax, Kano, Shang Tsung, Kung Lao and Raiden, who all get various chances to strut their stuff and show off some game-accurate powers such as Liu’s fireballs and Jax’s metal biceps. The film has chosen to wisely chosen to cast asian leads in the most iconic roles with The Raid’s Joe Talsim, The Dark Knight’s Ng Chin Han and Thor’s Tadanobu Asano filling out the movie’s array of notoriously violent characters.

3. Secret Characters Unlocked…

Dotted around in a bunch of blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em cameos are some of Mortal Kombat’s most iconic bastards with a statue of Outworld’s chief big bad Shao Kahn, four-armed champion Goro doing his best Hulk impression and what looks to be Reptile getting an unexpected cardiogram from Kano’s laser eye. This shows that the filmmakers are definitely serious when it comes to expanding this world for possible sequels. In an extra point, who’s the poor sod who’s about to receive a fatal pummeling thanks to Goro? Could it be testicle punching Hollywood star Johnny Cage?

2. Fire And Ice…

Possibly the most anticipated thing about this version will be that it’s going to heavily feature the long and brutal feud of it’s two most famous characters, Sub Zero and Scorpion (played by The Wolverine’s Hiroyuki Sanada) who waste no time literally hacking chunks out of each other. It’s alreay been teased that this movie is somewhat of an origin story for the fiery Scorpion and scenes of him dispatching attackets in human form certainly lend credence to this. Both look spot on while showing off their famous abilities nicely – Sub Zero’s trick of freezing his opponent’s spraying blood into an impromptu dagger is especially cool (pun intended). Expect these two to steal the show.

1. Finally, Full-Fledged Fucking Fatalities!!!!

Famously boasting an R Rating, Mortal Kombat will finally be giving us the on-screen brutality that the games have gleefully made their stock and trade for decades. Giving us a taste of what’s to come by showing us the reason for Jax’s metal arms is because Sub Zero shattered his orginal ones (not technically a fatality considering Jax lives), expect some hugely creative killings to make us fist pump the air in gore-hungry excitement in a film that may finally push the videogame genre to new heights.

Expect Mortal Kombat to lay a devastating haymaker in April.

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