Future State: Teen Titans #2 (April 2021)


Writer: Tim Sheridan, Pencils: Rafa Sandoval, Inks: Júlio Ferreira, Colours: Alejandro Sanchez

Red X returns to the Teen Titans! The mysterious former Teen Titans Academy student joins the surviving Titans in a final fight to stop the threat unleashed by one of the school’s students. Nightwing, Raven, Crush, Shazam, Starfire, Cybeast, and Red Arrow face their demons as one of these heroes must make the ultimate sacrifice to save their world!

DCCOMICS.COM official solicitation

You can’t fault the creators for trying. The Future State event has put them in a no win situation where they are telling stories that are going nowhere but due to the nature of comics they can’t give them a conclusion. They also haven’t been given enough time to tell a story of this scope. We have been getting mysteries but no set ups or answers.

Fortunately the creative team are taking over the monthly Teen Titans book so they use their time here to lay the groundwork for their upcoming run. Red X, a character from the animated series, has been introduced and his identity is keep secret. The Titans of Future State clearly know who it is but the character is never referred to by name and his face is always kept in shadow. It looks like DC will be pushing Red X as their next ‘break out’ character and this will drive the stories in ‘Teen Titans Academy’ in the months to come.

Also, classic Titan’s characters Beast Boy and Cyborg have been merged into one being known as Cybeast. We don’t get a reason for this and the situation isn’t resolved but it does make for an interesting character. The duelling personality and powers in the one body will make entertaining read going forward if handled correctly. It will also be nice to see Cyborg return to the Titans after being a Justice League character for the best part of a decade.

The book introduces us to a number of new Titans and it looks like they will carryover into the new ongoing. It’s always good to get some fresh blood into a team book as this will allow to take the story in new directions without messing with established characters. Hopefully some of these new team members will stick with the readers so the writers don’t have to rely on the old roster for sales.

The creators tried their hardest with an unnecessary story. Hopefully their hard work makes the upcoming book a success.


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