Top Five WandaVision Plot Threads – Where Next?

So that’s that. After nine weeks of plot twists, emotional gut punches and more catchy TV theme tunes than you can shake a spell at, we finally reached the end of WandaVision and while things were basically wrapped up, a fair few plot threads were still left dangling in true MCU fashion. So what’s next? Where will these plot threads pop up in the future? And will we see more of Ralph Bonher…. (well, maybe not that one). Spoiler warnings on full, it’s time to breach the hex, enter Westview one last time and chuck some random ideas around.

5) White Vision

Last seen mysteriously flying off after engaging in a battle of reason with Wanda’s construct Vision, the fate of this new(ish) character is the most perplexing of the lot. If there’s a chance Wanda and Vision could re-rekindle their love like Vision suggests, it’s probably with this dude, but it seems like emotions aren’t exactly his strong point. So where might White Vision pop up next – well, that’s tough to say, but considering he’s partially made up from JARVIS A.I and therefore has a connection to Stark Industries then it’s a fair bet he might be one of the faces to appear in the upcoming War Machine series, Armor Wars. Other than that, I’m drawing a blanc… get it? Because it’s French for white? Oh nevermind…

4) The Darkhold

Previously seen in both Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D and Runaways (but I’m assuming they don’t count), this big bad book of evil stuff is last seen being studied by Wanda in her astral form Doctor Strange style – so it makes sense that that’s where it’ll pop up next. Whether it’s merely a tool to get Wanda amped up in time for her next appearance, or it’s going to play a major role in Strange’s sequel it’s unsure, but director Sam Raimi has previous experience with cursed books thanks to his Evil Dead trilogy. More dangerous than the Necronomicon? We’ll see…

3) Skrulls

Essentially pulling the same trick they pulled in the end credits sting in Spider-Man: Far From Home, the MCU dropped another Skrullish cameo on us during the episode’s mid-credit sequence. Essentially another nod to the upcoming Secret Invasion, the Skrull indicates that a powered up Monica Rambeau will probably be joining Nick Fury (hinted at by the shape shifting alien simply pointing up) in space. Whether this means the series will see Rambeau fully become the superpowered Photon in time for Captain Marvel 2 is unsure, but it’s a fairly sure bet… more certain than some of the other rumours that where flying around, anyway.

2) Wiccan And Speed

Seemingly undone with the liberation of Westview, it seemed that time was up for Wanda and Vision’s twin boys. However, that final end credit sequence had Wanda hearing their cries through the ether leaving us to speculate wildly as to what that could mean. While it’s fairly obvious that this could be a potential plot thread for Doctor Strange 2 to tackle, it leaves the actually mechanics typically vague – will Wanda rupture the multiverse trying to find versions of her kids in another reality? Are their essences being held against their will somewhere by a mysterious foe (Did someone say Mephisto? I didn’t…)? Either way, if Marvel really are trying to assemble the Young Avengers (the Hawkeye series should be providing Kate Bishop soon enough) expect to see these super powered pre-pubesents to return soonish.

1) The Scarlet Witch

Finally giving us a full fledged version of the character after a Winter Soldier credits scene, a Captain America film, three Avengers movies and nine episodes of her own show (surely the most drawn out origin story ever), Wanda embraced her destiny, neutered Agatha Harkness and went off to live in the same kind of temporary semi-retirement Bruce Banner tried in The Incredible Hulk. However, we see that her powers are growing even further as she studies the Darkhold with scarlet, three dimensional hexes formed of magic appearing behind her not unlike the way magic manifests in the Doctor Strange films and that’s where we’ll see her next. But in what capacity? As an ally? As an enemy? Early theories pointed to her being the Sorcerer Supreme’s apprentice, but we’ve since been told that The Scarlet Witch is even more powerful than that so chuck those ideas in the bin along with your Reed Richards theory… So a role in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness is confirmed with a cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home to be highly rumoured, but is it Wanda who’s causing troubles with multiple realities? Surely Baron Mordo, last seen declaring that there’s too many sorcerers, isn’t going to be pleased at Wanda’s antics? I guess there’s still some steam in the old theory-train yet…

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