Top 5 Kaiju Who Should Join The Monsterverse Next

As I write this, we are mere weeks away from the gargantuan showdown between Godzilla and Kong, two humongous beings who have been classic cinematic figures for over 70 years. But then what…? Once the dust has settled and a victor has finally been crowned – is there anywhere actually left for Legendary’s Monsterverse left to go? The rights to Godzilla himself still belong to his parent studio Toho after all and Legendary’s use of the big old lizard is conditional on hitting certain box office numbers – something that Godzilla: King Of The Monsters so-so box office and Godzilla Vs Kong repeatedly falling foul of COVID delays is sure to scupper… However, Godzilla movies are crammed with examples of our scaley anti-hero coming back from the brink, so if the Monsterverse is somehow able to continue, who else should join Godzilla, Kong, King Ghidorah, Mothra, Rodan and Mechagodzilla (come on, he’s totally in GVK) in getting a shiny new Hollywood makeover?


5. The Gargantuas

One way Legendary could keep things going (with Toho’s permission, of course) is by remaking other old Kaiju solo movies and then eventually folding them into the bigger narrative and while Mothra would be the more obvious choice (she got her own stand alone trilogy with the Rebirth Of Mothra series), I’d personally like to nominate the warring Gargantuas. Two mutant, beastly brothers who start off the size of a trash can and then grow to massive size, one of them ends up inherently good while the other smashes up airports and consumes screaming civilians whole and the drama of having two Kaiju siblings would be quite new. Especially as the “good” one is not only trying to stop his butthead brother from doing evil, but he’s also trying to protect him from the wrath of the military – Of Mice And Men as a giant monster mash? I’d pay to see it.


4. Destoroyah

Featuring huge wings, massive horns and a noticably scarlet skin complexion, this guy is essentially Toho’s version of fucking Satan. Despite being virtually impossible to spell, Destoroyah also has the insidious ability to split into hundreds of separate, crab-like critters that chomp their way through humans like the Xenomorph on crack. Created by the Godzilla-killing Oxygen Destroyer (something that has also turned up in the Monsterverse), Destoroyah could be a Thanos-level threat that could inspire a Destroy All Monsters team up that could close out Legendary’s franchise with style and possibly even give Godzilla a huge, self sacrificing end to this Hollywood adventures.


3. Anguirus

Essentially the Kaiju Frank Grimes to Godzilla’s Homer Simpson, Anguirus has always been an unlucky son of a bitch throughout his entire career. Despite being the villian in Godzilla’s second ever movie, this oversized Ankylosaurus with the depressed sounding roar simply can’t catch a break – whether constantly getting his spikey arse spectacularly handed to him during the Showa stage of the Godzilla franchise or being the only classic Toho creature to not get an upgrade during the Heisei era, fate is regularly unkind to this long suffering monster. Over his spotty career he’s suffered such indignities as being dropped from a great height by Ghidorah, having a drugged Rodan fall on him, having his face sliced off by Gigan, having his jaw broken by Mechagodzilla and has even been literally kicked around like a football in Godzilla: Final Wars – so finally giving him his time in the sun would be a nice touch. The hashtag justiceforanguirus starts here…


2. Gigan

Despite already being gifted a badass upgrade in Godzilla: Final Wars; out of shape, robot chicken Gigan would look fucking amazing with a Hollywood design. Ok, I’ll admit I’m somewhat biased as this goofy example of cyborg poultry is actually one of my favourite ever Kaiju designs; be it the bonkers orginal or the slick, 2004 glow-up, you just can’t go wrong with a creature for sickles for hands and a buzz-saw in it’s belly. Hailing from space, if the Monsterverse has any desire to delve further into alien invasions – Gigan’s your man… er, chicken. Possibly a good choice of antagonist if we ever get a Mothra solo movie perhaps…


1. Gamera

The self-styled Guardian Of The Universe (and often known as a “friend to children”, but we’ll gloss over that bit…), Gamera is the only A-List Kaiju to not have made the jump to America yet. Fans have been clamouring for a face off between the giant, fire breathing turtle and Godzilla for decades and it’s high time this hero in a half-shell got his due – especially considering his 90’s trilogy contains three of the greatest Kaiju movies ever made. Initially a screeching, blank-eyed hero back in the 50’s and 60’s, his darker 90’s demeanor would be a perfect fit for the tone of the current Monsterverse as he’s far more about protecting the earth than either Kong or Godzilla put together and a triple team of these guys could be monster movie nirvana (think the Expendables- but HUGE). Added to this, Gamera has a memorably bizarre rogues gallery to plunder with triangle-headed, vampiric arch rival Gyaos being a possible great future arch villain. Also fairly handy is that Gamera isn’t actually owned by Toho and might be a good Godzilla replacement while deals with the Japanese Studio are ironed out even further. Anyone want to see Kong and Gamera team up to right Kaiju wrongs like an 80’s buddy cop movie while Godzilla takes a temporary but well earned rest? I know I bloody would….

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  1. I like all the Kaiju listed here, but I’d like to see the MonsterVerse incorporate some foreign kaiju such as Gorgo, Rhedosaurus, or Reptilicus.


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