Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #7 (March 2021)

The Engine Job – Part 2: The Offer

Writer: Alyssa Wong, Pencils: Minkyu Jung, Inks: Victor Olazaba, Colours: Rachelle Rosenberg

THE OFFER! Hired by DOMINA TAGGE, APHRA sets her sights on a mysterious piece of tech that could shift the balance of the galactic civil war. Her hunt takes her to CORELLIA… and to SANA STARROS’ doorstep! But Aphra’s not the only one on Corellia with an eye on the tech…! official solicitation

Doctor Aphra carries on being the little Star Wars book that could.  While based on an original character, it is managing to be the connecting tissue for the whole Star Wars universe.  This issue pulls in pieces from the old and the new and does it in a way that doesn’t seemed forced.

Aphra has got herself in trouble with the Tagge family and has to pull of a heist for them. She needs to get her hands on a hyperdrive engine that is on Nihil (the villains in ‘The High Republic’ stories) design. This is currently in the possession of a Tagge family rival.  Aphra is going to need help with this so she goes to Corellia to recruit her former girlfriend Sana Starros (Han Solo’s ‘wife’).  She needs Starros to introduce her to Lady Proxima (from ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’) who controls all the smuggling in the area.

The story cuts to Lucky, Aphra’s former business partner who betrayed her in the previous arc, who, as he worked for Ronen Tagge who Aphra killed, is now out of work.  He finds out that his brother is in debt at a Canto Bight casino (from ‘The Last Jedi), and offers his services to the local gangster to pay this off.  This, at some point, will most likely bring him back into conflict with Aphra.

Back on Corellia, Aphra get her meeting with Proxima who still bares the scars from her run in with Han Solo.  It turns out that she was,  not surprisingly, just using Starros to get the meeting as she already crossed paths with Proxima before.  Aphra offers up a ‘priceless’ bracelet to get the information she needs and it turns out that it is one of Sana’s colleagues that has been smuggling the engine.

They find Remy, the smuggler, just as he is giving up Starros’ name to the Unbroken Clan. Vukorah, the clan’s enforcer, has the datapad that Aphra needs so she takes the situation into her own hands. She uses one of the ‘priceless’ bracelets, which are actually bombs, to blow up the gang and retrieve the datapad. Aphra and Starros escape into hyperspace on board Starros’ ship knowing that they are now going to be hunted by a dangerous crime syndicate.

This book keeps getting better after a slow start. Wong is now comfortable writing the Aphra character and is having fun and the freedom to play with a wide range of Star Wars toys. Similarly to what ‘The Mandalorian’ is doing in live action this book has the ability to be accessible while having the depth of the Star Wars universe in the background.


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