Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #1 (February 2021)

Collision Course

Writer: Daniel José Older, Art: Harvey Tolibao, Colours: Rebecca Nalty

In the days of the High Republic a team of inexperienced Padawans race to Trymant IV to aid its citizens after an attack by the Nihil, a band of dangerous marauders, leaves the city on fire. Padawans Lula, Farzal, and Qort do their best to help as many people as they can. Meanwhile, Zeen and Kriz, part of a group that resents and fears the Jedi, must decide whether they can accept their help or try to save the day on their own. official solicitation

‘The High Republic Adventures’ is the YA comic of the ‘High Republic’ publishing initiative so has been farmed out to IDW instead Star Wars’ normal home at Marvel but don’t think of this as inferior.  It seem strange that Star Wars has material specifically aimed at the YA marketplace because at it’s heart it always been a YA franchise.  If ‘A New Hope’ was released today that would firmly be place in that category.

At it’s core there is not much difference between this and Marvel’s ‘The High Republic’.  Both follow a young female lead, here it is a padawan named Lula Talisola who is on her first mission and Marvel’s it is the newly knighted Keeve Trennis on her first as a Jedi.  Lula and Keeve both suffer from self doubt and look to the Masters for confidence.  In the case of Lula that Master is the one and only Yoda who is two hundred years younger than we have ever seen him before but still the Yoda we know and love.

The story kicks off with the fallout from the Great Disaster.  Debris has come out of hyperspace and is going to crash into the planet of Trymant IV.  Lula and her class of fellow padawans on a jedi teaching ship are the closest to the planet and set out on a rescue mission.

On the planet we are introduced Zeen Malaysia, a young alien girl.  Along with her best friend Krix, she has lead a nomadic but had a feeling they were been chased.  They have made Trymant IV there home and the Elders have taught them to fear the Force.  But Zeen has a secret that she hasn’t told anyone – she can feel the Force is strong inside her.

As all hell breaks loose when the debris starts to rain down and the Jedi begin their rescue mission, Zeen and Krix look for a way to escape.  They stumble a squad of Nihil, the new choas villains of the Star Wars universe, who are evacuating the Elders which explains the anti-Force politics of the planets.

Lula and the padawans arrive unaware of the Nihil and conflict erupts between the to opposing groups. While this is going on Zeen senses a large chunk debris is going to crash into them all and reveals her force powers in the act of stopping it. Lula helps her save everyone but the padawans end up surrounded by the Nihil. Krix has seen his best friend use the Force, something that he has been educated to hate, so we finish with the classic set-up of friendship divided by beliefs.

Don’t be put off by the YA tag – this is Star Wars. It delivers everything you could want. Action, drama, lightsabers, spaceships, aliens, pure heroes, ruthless villains, Yoda, it’s all here.


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