Top 5 Things We Noticed During The Final Falcon And The Winter Soldier Trailer

At the time of writing we are mere days away from Marvel Studio’s second wave of it’s attempt to hijack virtually all of the pop culture that 2021 has to offer… After the surreal triumph that WandaVision turned out to be, the MCU is set to nail us with six weeks of more traditional slam, bang action as the winged Sam Wilson and the metal limbed James Barnes explode onto Disney+ with The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. With a new trailer to pour over, let’s jump right in as see if we can decipher the usual MCU secrecy in order to work out what the hell to expect…

5. More Flag Smasher

New villain footage is unsurprisingly thin on the ground with no new Zemo scenes and even less concerning Wyatt Russell’s mysterious Cap stand in (assuming he’s even a villain) to clue us in on the goings on. However, we are treated to far more sightings of the Flag Smashers, the super-powered underlings of Solo’s Erin Kellyman. While we see them running around performing various missions or heists, details are still maddeningly thin on the ground but we do see a mentor/parent/both giving the masked ringleader a pep talk. Is everything connected? Is Zemo running things? All we know is the Flag Smashers seem to be a credible physical threat compared to Helmut’s expert string pulling.

4. The Action is Far Bigger

Where WandaVision saved it’s large scale robot rumbles and Witch fights for the final episode, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier seems to be going all out with the same kind of grounded action seen in The Winter Soldier and Civil War. While most of the main action shots are still from an epic brawl on top of moving trucks and a sequence where The Falcon is nimbly avoiding missiles in a canyon, but what stands out about the footage is how much they’ve improved in quality from trailer to trailer with the latter looking impressively cinema quality. Considering we should also be getting more human based hand-to-hand brawls in May with the belated release of Black Widow, it seems Marvel is taking a slight breather from overly super powered confrontations in favour of a good old punch in the face and a massive explosion before Doctor Strange and The Eternals stir up some god-sized smackdowns.

3. In Case You Haven’t Caught On Yet… It’s A Buddy Movie!

If Marvel has crammed anything down out throats more than the enhanced action, it’s that Sam and Bucky’s relationship will play to classic buddy movie tropes much in the same vein as a Shane Black action movies (even Tony and Rhodes’ back and forth in Iron Man 3). While the action will dazzle and the story will intrigue (hopefully), the glue that will undoubtedly hold everything together will be two superpowered heroes arguing like an old married couple. While this trailer doesn’t feature it as much as previous ones has (what, no staring contests?), watching these two eventually bond by repeatedly almost getting killed by status-quo hating terrorists will be as exhilarating as the action.

2. Sam’s Getting Damn Good With That Shield

Bequeathed Cap’s primary weapon by an aged Steve Rogers, Sam is obviously feeling the immense weight of carrying the mantle of history’s greatest soldier – I mean, wouldn’t you? However, that hasn’t stopped him practicing like a madman and the opening clips sees him flinging the thing like an old pro whilst in training. Lacking the super soldier serum that Rogers and Barnes has flowing through their veins (not to mention a vibranium fucking arm – some mind-wiped assassins get all the perks) it’s cool to see Wilson stepping up his game and it’s going to be immensely spine-tingling to see him utilize it with his wing suit. That being said, rumours persist that Bucky’s Wakandan arm has some nifty features of it’s own – not to mention TV spots has shown footage of Sam’s trusty drone Redwing. So expect some fist-pumpingly awesome gadget stuff worthy of James Bond himself.

1) Is Cap…. Dead?

Only a rumour this one… but we know how much Marvel likes to cultivate those. While Spider-Man: Far From Home hinted that the world knows that Captain America is off the board thanks to that school video, the somber footage of Sam witnessing a Cap exhibit being shut down certainly gives us the sinking feeling that an aged Roger’s has finally rejoined Peggy Carter (again) in the great beyond. Is this the trigger that leads to the rise of a new Captain America or is Kevin Feige once again yanking our collective chains? The rumour that Evans is to return as the Star Spangled Avenger in at least two more appearances suggest no, but with the multiverse opening up and more movies exploring the past history of the MCU, all bets are predictably off. Although I’d wager cash money that neither Mephisto or Reed Richards are due to make an appearance…

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier are due to crash land on Disney+ on Friday the 19th of March as the world will further get to reap the benefits of an avalanche on content after the barren wasteland of 2020. What are you’re thoughts?

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