‘Hourman’ Film Clocking In At DC

DC Films have added ‘Hourman’ to there upcoming slate of films. Chernin Entertainment will be producing and the film is going to be written by Gavin Games and Neil Widener.

There have been three DC characters to carry the Hourman name and the hero is one of their oldest first appearing in 1940. The original Hourman was Rex Tyler, a member of the Justice Society, who invented a drug that gave him powers for one hour at a time. The second Hourman was Rick Tyler, Rex’s son, who became addicted to his father’s drug. He also had one final hour that he could spend with his now dead father that he could tap into at any time for fatherly advice. The most recent Hourman is a robot from the future that was created by Rex Tyler’s company and is based on him.

It hasn’t been announced which version or versions will be used in the film. Rick would be the most interesting and has the most scope about the drug addiction could be problematic.

The character has appeared in both ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ and ‘Stargirl’ but this project is not connected to either of those. It is also unclear if this project is being developed for theatrical release or HBO Max.

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