Top 5 Cameos We Might See In The Falcon And The Winter Soldier (But Probably Won’t…)

Ok, so we’ve been here before thanks to the relentless outpouring of cameo theories that emerged from WandaVision, but with the rumour of a “huge” cameo due to appear in this week’s episode of the truly cracking Falcon And The Winter Soldier, I guess it’s time to crack the old knuckles and start wildly guessing about who the hell it could possibly be. Fingers crossed we haven’t all fallen for another joke in the vein of Paul Bettany’s infamous reference to White Vision, but take my ferocious speculating with heart attack inducing pinches of salt all the same… Ok, here we go again.

5. Chester Phillips

Ok, so if I’m gonna be wrong, I might as well be wrong in style, right? Well in that case, if TFATWS is going to go even deeper into the history of the forgotten super soldier Isaiah Bradley and desire to actually give us flashbacks of this black Captain America in action (which would be awesome), then dragging in Tommy Lee Jones as the crusty General might be a cool way to go. However, the timeline may well suggest that Phillips (and in turn, Jones) is simply too old to fit the bill. Still… it’s still more likely than Abraham Erskine, who remains stubbornly shot to death.

4. Peggy Carter

A far more likely candidate if the show was to embrace the secret history of America’s super Soldier programme, Peggy Carter is a canny choice for many reasons. One such reason is we’ve already had cameos embedding her in S.H.I.E.L.D’s work thanks to appearances in Ant-Man and Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D (not to mention her own show) but maybe a better one is that having Hayley Atwell show up would make the Captain America: The Winter Soldier reunion almost complete with Emily VanCamp and Georges St-Pierre already involved.

3. Hawkeye

It seems that wherever we compile one of these lists Hawkeye always seems to be on it somewhere – but why not? After all after all these years he’s still the Avenger with the least screen time and having him pop up to twang an arrow or two would be a nice way to prep him for his own series that’s coming soon to Disney+. Whether he gets an action scene or he just to gets to put in his two cents about who should be wielding the shield (much like James Rhodes did in episode 1), an appearance from the most under used Avenger would certainly hit the mark.

2. Old Man Cap

Let’s be honest, it’s the one we’d most want. Last seen sitting on a bench giving his blessing to Sam Wilson as the majority of the cinema going public struggled not to cry like babies, it’s still not entirely clear if Steve’s even around at this point with fan theories heavily stating that the former Star Spangled Man may actually have passed away. Still, it’s not been confirmed but is still highly unlikely. Will I be genuinely expecting to see this cameo happen? To quote the man himself, no. No I don’t think I will.

1. Yelena Belova

Surely the most out-there theory yet… but is it? If we look at the evidence there’s many ways that including the Black Window’s apparent successor make perfect sense. Firstly, if COVID-19 hadn’t knocked Marvel’s release schedule on it’s arse, Black Widow would have already come out a year ago so we would have been introduced to Natasha Romanov’s “sister”, plus the series seems to enjoy mirroring the second Captain America movie a great deal with both featuring an opening hijacking featuring Batroc The Leaper and murky revelations about seemingly forthright institutions such as S.H.I.EL.D or the super soldier programme. Surely chucking a Black Window into the mix would heighten this trend and besides, if Florence Pugh really is going to fill Scarlet Johansson’s catsuit here on out it would be a good place to start.

So what do you think, are we due an earth shattering cameo to complicate the lives of Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes and, to a lesser extent, John Walker (boo!) and if so, are their any names you’d suggest that I haven’t mentioned already (if any of you say Mephisto, so help me god….)? One way or another, we’ll find out in the coming weeks…

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