Top 5 Things We Noticed In The Official ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Trailer

We are just over a month away from new Star Wars and Lucasfilm have dropped a new trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ to build the hype. The Bad Batch is the nickname for Clone Force 99, a unique team of clones each with a special ability. The series is essentially a sequel to ‘The Clone Wars’ and looks like it will use characters from all eras of Star Wars. Here is the top five things we noticed in the trailer.

5. Hunted by Tarkin

The series clearly starts with Tarkin viewing Clone Force 99 as a useful tool in the new Empire.  He is using the Bad Batch to crush the remaining Separatist and stamp his authority on the galaxy.  At some point, probably early in the series, his view on them is going to change.  This will most likely be because they show free will and if Tarkin can’t control them then that makes them threat.  The whole might of the Empire is going to be turned against the team and nowhere will be safe for them. Unless Vader is hiding in the shadows, Tarkin will be the main antagonist is the series.

4. There’s a bounty on their heads

Not only will the Imperial forces be after Clone Force 99, it looks like there will be a bounty on their heads as well.  Fennec Shand is shown to be hunting them but will she be the only one?  This sets up the possibility that their genetic brother, Boba Fett, might also be in their tail.

3. Rex returns!

Captain Rex is the clone that beat his programing and knows the truth about the Empire.  The question is how much do the Bad Batch know.  What happened to their inhibitor chips and who’s side were they on during Order 66?  How big a role Rex will play in the show is unclear but he is sure to have an impact.

2. Star Wars, you know, for kids

We are no longer in the 80s and you can’t make a kid’s show (remember Star Wars core market is twelve years olds) based around a squad of middle aged male mercenaries. You need an entry point for the youth.  ‘The Clone Wars’ had Ahsoka and ‘Rebels’ had Ezra, two characters that were unpopular on their debuts but where beloved by the end.  Here we have Omega who appears to be the last of the Jango Fett clones.  She knows Clone Force 99’s reputation and it looks like she may become their mission.

1. These might not be your parent’s Rebels

Apart from Cassian shooting an informant in cold blood, the Rebellion has been portrayed on screen as being pretty clean.  There is one exception to this and that’s Saw Gerrera. Saw is a whatever it takes kind of guy. He’s back and he’s looking to recruit the Bad Batch to his way of thinking. Will we see the dark side of rebellion in animated form?

What did you think about the trailer?

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