Matt Lanter To Voice Anakin Skywalker Again

Matt Lanter, the voice of the animated Anakin Skywalker, has hinted that we will hear him again in the Star Wars universe.

Talking with EW he said he had been working with Lucasfilm Animation on a project that he could not talk about.

There’s some new Lucasfilm Animation going on. I’ve been a part of some things I can’t talk about yet. You’ll see Anakin again. I never quite put Anakin down, whether I’m doing a video game or something new for Lucasfilm Animation.

Matt Lanter/EW

There are several announced projects that he could be working on. ‘The Bad Batch’, which is essentially a sequel to ‘The Clone Wars’, debuts next week but there is also ‘Visions’ and ‘A Droid Story’ both of which we have very little details about. Given the amount of time it takes to create animation there is a good chance that this is a so far unannounced project.

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