Top 5 Answers To Who Or What Omega Is In ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’

Now that ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ has begun it’s run on Disney+ we have a new Star Wars mystery to speculate about.  The show introduces us to a young female clone named Omega who teams up with the titular squad of misfits but we are presented with very little information about her.  When we first meet her she is on Kamino with Nala Se, the Kaminoan chief medical scientist, who refers to her as a medical assistant.  The Bad Batch discover that she is an enhanced clone just like themselves and there is an instant connection between herself and Hunter, the leader of the squad.   When the squad flee Kamino they take Omega, who takes the shot that clears their path, with them and they are unknowingly aided in their escape by Nala Se.  Se obviously has a reason for wanting Omega to be with the other enhanced clones but what that could be, good or bad, we don’t know.  Omega herself knowledge that the other clones don’t, an example being the inhibitor chips and their purpose in triggering Order 66.  When the squad encounter Cut, a clone deserter, he says that the Kaminoans only clone for a purpose.  There is a reason for each of The Bad Batch so what is the purpose of Omega?

5. A clone of Palpatine

As soon as the first images of Omega appeared the Internet sprang into action.  The first and loudest claim was that she must be a clone of Sheev Palpatine.  The only evidence that people had to go on was the hairstyle, which I admit is similar, but that is not exactly the strongest case.  Fine, Palpatine would have been exploring the idea of cloning himself but why would he need a female form of himself, unless he just wanted to experience life from a different perspective, and there is no way he trust the Kaminoans with what he was doing. The hairstyle theory has more or less debunked by the second episode when Omega removes her headpiece and her hair falls into a different style.

4. A clone of Duchess Satine Kryze

This is another theory based purely on hair.  Omega is blonde and Satine was blonde so there must be a connection!  The clone army was grown from one Mandalorian, Jango Fett, so why not harvest genetic material from another to grow a female clone.  I think this theory comes more from a desire to give Obi-Wan some happiness rather than to create a logical story.  There seems very little reason for the Kaminoans to secretly be making a new Satine.

3. Some form of security for the Kaminoans against the Empire

It is very clear from the outset that Tarkin has a plan to stop using clones in the Imperial army.  If the Empire doesn’t need clones anymore then they don’t need the Kaminoans and the Kaminoans are keeping a lot of secrets.  There is no way that Palpatine would want Order 66 and how it came to take place to be public knowledge.  Omega seems to know all the secrets and could be used as a bargaining chip to try and prevent some kind of misfortune befalling Kamino.  Smuggling her off planet with Clone Force 99 for protection could be a way to secure Kamino’s future.

2. A force sensitive clone

Omega gives the impression that she might be force sensitive.  She senses that Crosshair is about to betray the team, she then reacts to his arrival during their escape before the others see him, and she takes the shot that saves them all on instinct alone.  These are all very force-like actions.  If Nala Se had created a force sensitive clone (we see bodys of dead Jedi being brought to Kamino) she would definitely want to keep her away from the Empire and Palpatine after seeing what they had done to the Jedi.  But why would the Kaminoans want a force sensitive clone?

1. A sister for Boba Fett

Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet.  If we take her name literally it could mean she is the last clone.  This would also mean that there is an Alpha or first clone.  That would be the unaltered clone of Jango Fett otherwise known as Boba.  Apart from the lighter colouring the character designs are quite similar and the age is about right if her aging hasn’t been altered.  Could Boba have a sister?  It would certainly add a wrinkle to the Fett saga.

What do you think the answer is?

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