Top 5 Characters That Could Be The Hologram In ‘The Bad Batch’ Episode 6

In the sixth episode of ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Clone Force 99 encounter the Martez sisters while on a mission to retrieve a Tactical Droid’s head. Hunter and his team are on the mission for an unknown client, assigned to them by the shady trandoshan bar owner Cid, were as the sisters are after the droid’s programming to help someone who needs information on how to fight clones. The implication here is that the sisters are working for some early incarnation of the rebellion against the Empire. At the end of the episode the sisters patch themselves through to someone who appears as a hologram. It is implied that the person is male and they appear to be wearing a cloak but their identity is kept from the audience. The sisters tell this person that they have encountered some rogue clones that they may be interested in. The hologram’s identity is set up as a mystery, so who could this person be?

5. Ahsoka

It is implied that the sisters are talking to a man but the person might be disguising their appearance. We know that Ahsoka was heavily involved in the formation of the rebellion and in ‘Rebels’ she masked her identity and went by the codename Fulcrum. Ahsoka met the Martez sisters in the final season of ‘The Clone Wars’ so they already have an established relationship. But would the creators want to introduce Ahsoka so quickly into ‘The Bad Batch’? The character has her own live-action series coming so it is most likely they would be putting all the attention there.

4. Caleb Dume/Kanan Jarrus

Most viewers were surprised to see Caleb, the padawan that would become Kanan Jarrus, pop up at the start of the first episode of ‘The Bad Batch’. He was working with the squad at the moment Order 66 happens and Hunter’s actions saved his life. It’s possible that Dume could be looking for the squad and looking for answers to what happened.

3. Captain Rex

We know that Rex is coming, we have seen him in the trailer. When Rex turns up in ‘Rebels’ he hints that he has been freeing clones from their inhibitor chips so he would have a reason to be looking out for rebellious clones. But why would Rex need data on how to fight clones as he would already know all of the tactics? Also, in ‘Rebels’ it looks like Rex has been living a quiet life, of the grid, avoiding Imperial entanglement.

2. Saw Gerrera

Saw and his people are the first rebels. He is a seen as a high level threat by the new Empire and Clone Force 99’s first Imperial mission was to take them out. It was on this mission that the Bad Batch realised that they were more than just soldiers who blindly followed orders and Saw convinced them that they could choose their own path. Saw is now being hunted be the Empire and would need all the help he could get.

1. Bail Organa

Bail Organa was instrumental in the formation of the rebellion, plotting against Palpatine even before he took the title Emperor. He is the one constant right up until the point of his death. If there is one man flying around the galaxy trying to right wrongs it would be Bail. He is the man that brings everyone together and the character will most likely be used this way in multiple upcoming series. We could see Bail forming the Rebel Alliance here, in ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’, and in Andor. But, most importantly, he is often portrayed wearing a cloak.

Who do you think it could be and how quickly do you think they will be revealed?

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