Top 5 Moments In The New Shang-Chi Trailer That Hit Freakin’ Hard

Coming out of the blue and as surprisingly quick as a thrust kick from our hero himself, Marvel recently just flung a second Shang Chi trailer at us like a razor sharp ninja blade and smugly watched as we all dove for cover. There was certainly lots to soak in from this upcoming release (early September – COVID willing) so let’s not dawdle any further and get stuck in to the second trailer to what very well may be Marvel’s most imaginative movie to date…

5) 10 Rings I Hate About You…

Anyone out there sore that the titular 10 Rings are more lethal arm bands rather than the magical finger candy famous from the comics hopefully was sated a little by seeing them in action more here. So far shown to either give it’s wearer unnaturally long life, the power to unleash conclusive blasts or simply let punch super hard; their origin is still a mystery (Are they supernatural? Alien? Vibranium!?) but that thing they do where they fly off the arm and then snap right back is incredibly cool.

4) Massive Trouble In Normal-Sized China

Boasting possibly the most varied looking fight scenes yet in the MCU, the filmmakers are obviously dead set on making every scrap and tussle in the movie feel markedly more different than the last. Thus we’re teased with more footage from Shang Chi fending off Death Dealer on the side of a building, an extra bit from his Speed-esque run in with Razor Fist and more from that huge fantasy sequence that seem to have giant, bloody lions in it. Could this be ushering in a new era of action sequences for the MCU?

3) Daddy Issues As Standard…

Joining (and possibly surpassing) Tony Stark and Thor Odinson in the “daddy didn’t love me” stakes, the trailer features a possible last reel showdown between Shang Chi and his estranged criminal father Wenwu – aka. The Mandarin. Dramatic squabbling over family heirlooms has never looked so epic and what with the Mortal Kombat reboot and the upcoming Snake Eyes origin story also trying to make their mark on Hollywood, this could be a new golden age in asian led action movies in American cinema.

2) Badda Fing, Badda Foom

It’s only a brief, murky look – but there’s a fairly decent chance that this could be the MCU debut of underpants wearing, cosmic dragon Fing Fang Foom who shows up in an underwater scene where Shang Chi seems to be transcending or something. The big ol’ lizard has been hinted at before what with dragons featuring on the robes of drunken Mandarin wannabe Trevor Slattery and the tattoos of Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3 but it would be strange if this robust reptile doesn’t turn out to be a familiar face.

1) Blonsky Beat

Weirdly, the bit that caused most of us to lose our damn minds the most is the fleeting appearance of one Emil Blonsky aka. The Abomination who hasn’t been seen in the MCU since getting choked out 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. Finally getting to spread out in the shared universe after William Hurt’s Thunderbolt Ross got a promotion in Captain America: Civil War, it’s insanely great to see the character again – even if he is beating on Wong in some sort of a fight club (is Wong short of cash or something?). Looking like a neat anagram of his movie and comic book forms (more webby, reptilian ears) it’s a great reintroduction to the character who is due to next show up in the Disney+ She-Hulk show. Now if only we can get similar treatment for Liv Tyler’s Betty Ross and Tim Blake Nelson’s Samuel Sterns…

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