‘The Mandalorian’ Chapter Sixteen To Get A Special

Following on from ‘The Mandalorian’ getting 24 Emmy Award nominations Disney+ have announced that they are releasing a ‘Gallery’ episode devoted to the second season finale.

Season one had an accompanying 8 part ‘Gallery’ series that covered all aspects of the show.  When it came to the second season Disney+ only released one episode and to most fans dismay there was nothing about about the finale’s triumphant return of Luke Skywalker.  This has lead to much speculation on how it was done and claims that it could have been done better which has not be aided by the fact a number of the actors involved have given conflicting reports on how it was filmed.

On the 25th August Disney+ will set the record straight and we will know exactly how Luke returned to save the day and the full extent of Mark Hamill’s involvement. But most importantly we will find out if R2 actually turned up to the set or if they cgi-ed him in.

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