Top 5 Things In ‘The Batman’ Trailer That Hit You Like A Fistful Of Vengeance

To close out DC FanDome, Matt Reeves delivered what could be considered a near perfect trailer for ‘The Batman’. It was a trailer that told you everything you needed to know about the film to get you excited without telling you what the film was about. Considering that Batman is the most filmed comicbook character, Reeves has managed to deliver something that feels fresh and closer to the source material than what has come before. Here are the top five things that stood out to us.

5. Colin Farrell is doing his best De Niro

Colin Farrell is unrecognisable as himself in the trailer as he his wearing a ton of make-up to portray The Penguin.  Who he does resemble is Robert De Niro.  More specifically, he resembles De Niro’s performance of Al Capone is ‘The Untouchables’.  As The Penguin is a crime boss in the film, this was most likely a creative decision. I just hope the plot doesn’t revolve around not paying taxes.

4. Bruce may not have Family but he’s taking tips from Dom Toretto

The car has always been a big part of the Bat franchise and it looks like this film is no exception. With the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise being the only one that can complete financial with Disney right now then why not look to them for tips. The result – the Batmobile is a muscle car bursting through flames.

3. This Bat-suit can take a straight shot and more

The trailer gives us a sequence very similar to one in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. In the Nolan films we are told the Batsuit is bullet proof to anything but a straight shot. When we see Batman in the tunnels on the way to confront Bane there is a scene where he takes out a gunman in the dark and his movements are lit by the gunshots he is dancing around. We get the same thing here but this time the scene is lit by not just the muzzle flashes but also the bullets bouncing of Batman. This is one way to make a statement that what is old is new again.

2. It’s not hiding its Noir influences

The trailer opens with a shot that riffs on Edward Hopper’s 1942 painting ‘Nighthawks’.  The painting, an inspiration for many Noir films, depicts the loneliness and alienation of living in a large city in a period of paranoia (post Pearl Harbour).  These themes are clearly what Reeves appears to be aiming for and fit the world of Batman perfectly.

1. This is going to be the most beautifully shot Batman film

Burton’s films look cheap and over lit to a modern audience.  Schumacher’s are a gaudy mess.  Nolan’s are technically brilliant but leave you cold.  If the shots in this trailer are anything to go by, Matt Reeves looks like he is about to deliver us a Batman film, shot by Greig Fraser, that is a piece of art.

What did you like in the trailer? Comment below.

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