Top 5 Things In ‘The Book Of Boba Fett’ Trailer That Hit Us Like A Kamino Saberdart

Lucasfilm and Disney+ surprised everyone by releasing the trailer for ‘The Book Of Boba Fett’ this week. It was expected to arrive during Disney+ Day on the 12th November so it a pleasant Star Wars gift when it arrived on the 1st. The one minute forty eight second trailer offers us a brief glimpse at the series and reveals more about the tone of what is to come rather than actual story points. Here is what jumped out at us from the trailer.


5. Is that Jennifer Beals?

Yes, it is. 80s welder turned dancer, Jennifer Beals, has confirmed that she is the Twi’lek we see at the start of the trailer. There has been no official cast announcement for the series, other than Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen, and virtually everyone we see is helmeted or under heavy make-up so Beals is the first new cast member to be revealed.

4. Boba isn’t one of ‘those’ Mandalorians

Dyn Djarin, the lead character of ‘The Mandalorian’, lives by the creed that you don’t remove your helmet, leading to his catchphrase “This is the way”. This aided with filming as it meant that you didn’t need your lead actor on set for most of the production. Boba is his own man and follows his own rules hence Temuera Morrison’s face is front and centre for most of the trailer and allows him to act with more than just his voice.

3. Fennec will be sharing the limelight

Ming-Na Wen’s Fennec Shand is by Fett’s side through out the trailer. You get the feeling that this series will be just as much her story as Boba’s, especially after her connection to the Fett family that was revealed in ‘The Bad Batch’.

2. This is proper gangster

Nothing says organised crime more than a meeting around a large dining table. Boba has clearly positioned himself as the Boss of Bosses and is expecting all the other crime syndicates to bow to him. He says he wants to rule with respect and that everyone can speak freely but there is a clear underlying message that if you don’t tow the line you will see Boba’s wrath.

1. Dyn Djarin is heard but not seen

Pedro Pascal’s Dyn is nowhere to be seen in the trailer but we do hear his voice at the start telling Boba that he had heard he was a bounty hunter. This is no guarantee that the man we know as ‘The Mandalorian’ will appear in the series and Boba has followed through on his promise to Dyn to reunite him Grogu so there is no debt anymore but it’s hard to see how Dyn won’t at least make a cameo in the spin-off from his own show.

What were your thoughts on the trailer? Comment below.

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