Chucky – Season 1, Episode 7: Twice The Grieving, Double The Loss


The last episode of Chucky was a perfect example of being careful of what you wish for. While all the major players from Chucky continuity were finally assembled in one place, episode 6 struggled to stuff everything in while remaining a cohesive story and as such became a (still entertaining) procession of guest spots and shock deaths. Thankfully, Twice The Grieving, Double The Loss manages to rectify this by bringing all the disparate plots together by finally pairing off some the characters to streamline some of the ever more complicated storyline. There’s even yet another shock death that manages to not only have a major impact but also manages to invigorate one of the shows most boring characters.

While the town reels from the twin fatal “accidents” (yeah, right!) of both Bree and Detective Evan’s, both the bereaved sons of the dead women handle the loss in very separate ways. Devon tries to separate himself from the burgeoning romance from Jake and desides to follow a hunch that leads him to Chucky’s childhood home while Junior picks a whole more unwholesome path. That’s right, after six episodes of pouring murderous poison into the ears of Jake, Caroline and Lexy, Chucky has finally found someone who responds to his particular brand of peer pressure and uses the checkered past of Junior’s father to push the troubled teen over the edge. Elsewhere, Andy makes a decision to keep his adopted sister Kyle safe that may have grave ramifications while Tiffany arrives at Bree’s funeral to reveal that she knows Bree’s husband Logan from years ago. Meanwhile Jake is about quit town in the face of insurmountable odds but at the local bus station he spots a major clue that hints at what Chucky’s mysterious endgame might be, however, Devon may have stumbled on it first thanks to finding a kidnapped Mica… but is it Mica?

As I mentioned at the beginning, Chucky is finally starting to merge some plot lines that manages to create ongoing drama. Devon manages to accidently locate a tied up Mica who is still having problems with sharing an identity with a fragment of Charles Lee Ray’s soul while Tiffany gate crashes Bree’s funeral with typically flamboyant results while still being bemused that no one recognises that she’s actually Jennifer Tilly. However, benefiting most from this condensing of the cast list is Teo Briones’ Junior, a character who has been a standard moody teen character slowly breaking under the strain of the pressure of living up to his father’s expectations, his mother’s apparent suicide and the fact that girlfriend Lexy is now best frenemies with his cousin, Jake whom he blames for everything. The final straw is the genuinely surprising revelation that Logan actually had an affair with Tiffany years ago which sends Junior into a spectacular rage spiral (it’s the first time I can remember that I’ve seen Chucky used as a murder weapon). Not only has the show finally given purpose to one of it’s more forgettable characters but it also means that’s Chucky’s overarching plan has belatedly born fruit and he’s found himself a new partner in crime and his ecstatic expression as he’s swung through the air as a bludgeon is a peach – also, in a very neat touch, the blood on Chucky’s face mirrors the old scar design from Bride and Seed of Chucky. It seems as Andy Barclay races to confront Chucky, the gore obsessed Good Guy has yet another human counterpart to aid him in whatever the big picture is.

Whatever it is, it seems to involve a large army of Good Guy dolls that Tiffany has been buying up and hoarding in Chucky’s family home – does this have anything to do with the upcoming town celebration that has bad news written all over it. Is Chucky preparing to wage all out war all on Hackensack in revenge for some past slight? Christ, I hope so – that would be freaking awesome.
Whatever it means, the final episode of the season has a lot of work ahead of it, but for now, thanks to the rapidly dying cast, the necessary space has hopfully been made to bring the show home in style.


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