Top 5 Things That Could Add The Wow Factor To ‘The Book Of Boba Fett’ Episode 7

‘The Book Of Boba Fett’ is only two episodes into its seven episode run but talk has already moved on to what we may see in the finale. Rumours have been swirling online about something big happening and this has now been fuelled by Boba Fett himself, Temuera Morrison, who said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that the series was “full of surprises” and “wait till episode seven, wow!”.

This would follow the format established by ‘The Mandalorian’ of a big reveal in the final episode of the season. Season one of that show finished with the revelation that Moff Gideon had the Dark Saber and season two had its big Luke Skywalker moment, so what could ‘The Book Of Boba Fett’ have in store for us? So far the narrative of the show has been pretty straight forward and has not set up any real mysteries so it is open for anything to happen. Here we present our top five answers for what could “wow” us.


5. Mace Windu back from the dead

Windu was thrown out a window but we never saw a body and even if we did that doesn’t mean much in Star Wars. As a result of this, a lot of people have be clamouring for Windu to return and face off against a vengeful Fett, who witnessed Windu remove his father’s head. While this would be cool to see, it would raise a few questions, the main one being where has he been for nearly thirty years, and not serve the story that is being told.

The Fett that we have been presented with is going through a rebirth and looking to move on from being defined by his father. This show isn’t about who he was but about who he could become and Windu’s introduction could undo all of that. It could work if Mace returned and Boba forgave him but I doubt that would sit well with vocal parts of the fanbase.


4. Omega is welcomed into the family

Although she was only introduce this year, in the first season of ‘The Bad Batch’, Omega has become a large part of the Fett storyline. She is an unaltered clone of Jango which makes her Boba’s twin sister if you follow Star Wars cloning logic. In episode 2 we learn that there is a pair of Hutt twins trying to take control of the Tatooine territory that Fett has claimed. What if Fett decides the best way to take on the Hutts is to team up with his own twin sister?

At the moment it hasn’t been revealed if Fett and Omega know of their connection or even if Omega is still alive at the time of ‘The Book Of Boba Fett’ but there are ways to connect the dots. The Bad Batch discovered the link and decided not to tell Omega but it didn’t seem to be hidden information and she is a smart girl. The big connection is Fennec Shand, Boba’s assassin, who was hired to protect Omega from The Empire. How much does she know? Boba saved her life for a reason, could this be out of gratitude for saving his sister?

The one thing that makes an Omega appearance unlikely is that it would take a lot of explaining for a casual audience but Favreau and crew have proven record of successfully bringing characters from animation into living-action.


3. A bounty hunter reunion

The original six bounty hunters from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ are like the rock stars of the Star Wars universe, they are instantly recognisable and everyone knows who they are. We have already had an IG droid in ‘The Mandalorian’ and Trandoshans have appeared in that series and ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ so the likelihood of an IG-88 and Bossk appearance are high. Denger, 4-LOM and Zuckuss would not be hard to recreate for this series and there numerous ways that you could bring them into the story naturally, whether it be working for or against Fett. If you want to get a “wow” from the audience, all you have to do is get the band back together.


2. Qi’ra is the Boss of Bosses

The only hint of mystery that there has been in the series so far is that, after the confrontation with the twins, Fennec said to Boba that you have to get permission to kill a Hutt. The question is who do you have to get this permission from. Is it from the Hutt council or from a higher power? Over the last year, the Star Wars comics have been setting up Qi’ra, who was played by Emilia Clarke in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’, as the biggest criminal power in the galaxy.

Normally the comics are considered the lowest rung of Star Wars storytelling but this series has already brought the Wookiee, Black Krrsantan, over from that medium and with one scene set him up as the biggest threat to Boba so that has opened the door for other things being possible. Will Fett have to visit Qi’ra to get permission to rule his new empire?


1. A Han Solo makes his presences known

The big rumour, as reported by The Sun, is that Harrison Ford is going to return as Han Solo. The Sun, who don’t have the strongest reputation for journalism, spelt Boba as ‘Bobba’ and claimed the show was shooting in England so this has to be taken with a piece of salt. The time and money to de-age Ford would be immense and Ford’s time wouldn’t be cheap but there could be crossed wires in the reporting here.

Lucasfilm already have a young Han Solo under contract in the form of Alden Ehrenreich and it would be simpler to age him up ten years than Ford down forty. While Ford is currently based in the U.K. that is not where ‘The Book Of Boba Fett’ films. It may be that The Sun heard rumours of Han Solo jumped to the wrong conclusion. Could it be that Ehrenreich turns up as Solo in episode seven setting up future storytelling with him as the character? A Solo appearance would make sense to this show as he set this Boba Fett rebirth in motion.

But this doesn’t rule out that Harrison Ford has shot something as Han. Lucasfilm are shooting various Star Wars projects in the U.K. at the moment and they are so secretive we don’t even know what’s in production or they may have just been shooting some reference for their achieves.

We will find out what this “wow” moment is when the seventh episode airs on 9th February. What do you think it could be? Comment below.

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