Top 5 Predictions For ‘The Book Of Boba Fett’ Finale

While it started out as a smaller, more personal Star Wars story, over the last two episodes ‘The Book Of Boba Fett’ has exploded into some of the most essential storytelling in the galaxy far, far away. The creative team of Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, and Robert Rodriguez have proven that they have no fear in pulling anything out of the Star Wars toy box with this series taking from all facets of the franchise. The penultimate episode featured characters that originated in live-action, animation, books, and comics with no one feeling out of place. With everything that has been achieved over the two seasons of ‘The Mandalorian’ and this season of ‘Boba Fett’ you feel the anything is now possible. With the finale of ‘Boba Fett’ approaching, here are our top five prediction to what we might see.


5. Boba rides the rancor

This one seems kind of obvious as it was set up in the third episode but Boba Fett is going to ride that rancor. The two of them bonded and Fett said he was he wanted to ride it but we are yet to revisit it. The lack of screen time is probably because Favreau doesn’t want to dampen the impact of Boba riding into battle, against the Pykes, on the back of the beast.


4. Cad Bane Revealed To Have Killed The Tuskens

Fennec Shand questioned the biker gang’s ability to kill the Tuskens and it was left hanging. The assumption is that the Pykes were involved in the slaughter as the Tuskens were a threat to their Spice trade. Now Cad Bane turns up threatening the people of Freetown, on behalf of the Pykes, for the same reason. It stands to reason that Bane has been doing all of the Pykes dirty work. Add that to the existing relationship he has with Fett and Shand and the finale is set up for tasty showdown.


3. A revelation that Boba knows more than he has been letting on

A complaint against the series has been that Boba is one step behind all the time and not being a very effective crime lord. He’s set up shop on Tatooine but he could have gone anywhere. We are yet to be given a reason for the decisions he makes and what is going on. What if Fett has been plotting his revenge the whole time? Maybe everything that he has done is to pull the Pykes and Cad Bane out of the shadows and eliminate them.


2. Qi’ra and/or Crimson Dawn at least get a mention

The Pykes are taking over Tatooine and they work for the Syndicate but no one calls it the Pyke Syndicate. Could they be working for someone else? The comics have brought back Qi’ra and Crimson Dawn and positioned them as the most powerful criminal organisation in the galaxy. It’s been hinted that this status quo is not going to last but that could be a misdirect. Are Qi’ra and her syndicate involved in someway?


1. Han and Chewie deliver Grogu to Tatooine

Grogu is obviously going to choose Din over Luke, setting up ‘The Mandalorian’ season 3, but he will need some help getting to Tatooine. Luke probably doesn’t want to go back there due to a Jedi training instilled fear of attachment but he does have a best friend who knows the place and owns the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. If Han does escort Grogu back to Din then a Chewie cameo is a given. What could add an extra punch to this is, if Crimson Dawn are involved, we could see Han and Qi’ra reunited. As I said, we are now living in a time where anything is possible.

What do you think will or want to happen? Comment below.

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