Spielberg Developing A ‘Bullitt’ Film


Proving that these days anything can be turned into a franchise, Steven Spielberg is looking to do something with the classic Steve McQueen character Frank Bullitt.

Deadline are reporting that Spielberg has negotiated a package that will see him direct a new story with the character that was made famous by McQueen in the 1968 detective thriller ‘Bullitt’. Spielberg will also produce the film along with Kristie Macosko Krieger, with Josh Singer (‘Spotlight’, ‘The Post’, and ‘First Man’) on scripting duties. With Singer’s history of writing period pieces it is likely the character will stay in his ’60s setting.

The film is set up at Warner Bros. who produced the original that is considered one of the first modern detective dramas and featured a groundbreaking car chase.

Apparently Spielberg has been trying to get this project going for some time but longer than expected negotiations with the McQueen estate, who are now also set to produce, for the rights to use the character pushed him to direct ‘The Fablesman’ first. Now that production on that film is over he turned his attention back to ‘Bullitt’ and the deal is now in place. Due to the delay it is though that this won’t be the next project he will direct.

Source: Deadline

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