KJ Apa And Isabel May Are ‘The Wonder Twins’


HBO Max have found their Wonder Twins in the form of KJ Apa and Isabel May. The live action DC superhero comedy will be written and directed by Adam Sztykiel who also wrote the soon to be released ‘Black Adam’.

The Wonder Twins are alien siblings Jayna and Zan who activate their superpowers by touching hands. Jayna can turn into any animal and Zan has the lesser power of being able to turn into water. The characters originated in ‘The All-New Super Friends Hour’, an animated Hanna-Barbera show from the ’70s, but have since moved into comics and have already appeared in other animated and live action projects.

Apa, who will play Zan, has already made his name playing a comic book character in The CW’s ‘Riverdale’. May, who takes on the role of Jayna, is coming off the hit neo-western series ‘Yellowstone’.

Source: The Wrap

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