Star Wars Returning To Elstree


It looks like Star Wars is returning to its spiritual home. According to Making Star Wars, when production starts on the second season of ‘Andor’ it will be based at London’s Elstree Studios.

Elstree was the studio home of the Original Trilogy as well as many other classic films of the ’70s and ’80s. The studio fell out of favour in the ’90s with the majority of big production going to Pinewood and then Leavesden, which was home to ‘The Phantom Menace’, but recent investment has put it back on the map.

Season two of ‘Andor’ had already been confirmed by actor Stellan Skarsgard but has yet to be officially announced by Lucasfilm. If studio space has been booked then maybe we will hear about it at Star Wars Celebrations.

It is rumoured that the studio has been booked for eighteen months so there will most likely be multiple Star Wars productions happening there.

If you are interested about the history of Star Wars at the studio then check out the documentary ‘Elstree ’76’.

Source: Making Star Wars

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