‘Batgirl’ Might Get A Theatrical Release


With all the changes going on at the now newly named Warner Bros. Discovery it looks like they may be changing the release plans for ‘Batgirl’. Under the old regime the plan was to make mid-budget films for HBO Max utilising DC’s second and third tier characters but the new management sees more value in releasing these films theatrically.

Following the financial success of ‘The Batman’, which has made over $750 million in its theatrical release before debuting on HBO Max, studio chairman Toby Emmerich may now be considering putting ‘Batgirl’ in cinemas.

The Leslie Grace lead film is now in post production but has yet to have a release date attached to it. Producer Michael Uslan has said the film will be out in November or December but all Warners will confirm is that we will see it before the end of the year.

‘Blue Beetle’, the other DC film that was in production for HBO Max, has already switched its release to theatrical.

Source: Puck

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