Top 5 Moments From The ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Trailer That Make It The Show We Are Looking For

As a May the 4th treat Disney and Lucasfilm released the full trailer for ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’. While key plot points are still locked in the safe at Skywalker Ranch it did give us a sense of what to expect. Set ten years after ‘Revenge Of The Sith’ we know that something is going to pull Kenobi away from watching Luke on Tatooine and he will confront Vader again. A sense of dread drips from every frame, the outlook is bleak, and the only light is a brief glimpse of the new hope himself, Luke Skywalker.

Here are our top five moments from the new footage in the trailer.

5. A scared Jedi

Kumail Nanjiani had been announced in the cast list but we knew nothing about who he would be playing. Nanjiani had said he would be a familiar character type but in way that had never been seen before. This lead many to predict he would be a droid, a role that has a history of being taken by comedic actors.

We get one shot of Nanjiani in the trailer and this cancels all the predictions. He is playing a human character and it looks like he is a Jedi. We have seen many Jedi before but what would make him different is that he looks terrified which is something that has never been portrayed in live action before.


4. The fight is being taken to the Inquisitors

The story may start on Tatooine but it’s not going to stay there. The trailer gives the impression that at some point Kenobi is going to flip the table on the Empire and go from being hunt to taking the fight to the Inquisitors.

We see Inquisitors, Purge Troopers (for the first time in live action), and Stormtroopers fighting an unseen enemy with the walls of the Fortress Inquisitorius and although we don’t directly see Kenobi but Inquisitor Reva is calling out his name in anger. This has a similar vibe to the end of ‘Jedi: Fallen Order’ and hints at a epic battle of the Empires home turf.


3. 4-LOM confirmed?

There had been rumours that the bounty hunter droid 4-LOM would be making an appearance in the series and a similar looking droid does feature in the trailer. A bounty has been put on Kenobi’s head so there is a good chance that 4-LOM is going to add to his five seconds of screen time from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.


2. The pain of Vader

Up until his unmasking as a kindly old man in ‘Return Of The Jedi’ Vader was seen as an inhuman killing machine. The prequel trilogy humanised the character but we still saw Vader as a charred man in a suit. It looks like this series is going to change all that by showing us the constant pain he was in and the mental and physical trauma that his life support system was inflicting on him.


1. A moment of realisation

It might be a case of trailer trickery but it looks like we are going to see Obi-Wan discover that Anakin and Vader are one and the same. There has been no indication that Kenobi knows Vader’s identity or that he even knows that Anakin didn’t die on Mustafar. Whether he sees Vader being constructed before him or he senses it through the force Kenobi is going to get his moment of clarity.

What excites you about the trailer? Comment below.

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