Cal Kestis Getting A Disney+ Show?


Cameron Monaghan has signed on to bring his video game character, Cal Kestis, to life in a live action Disney+ show according to YouTube Star Wars pundit Kristian Harloff.

Cal Kestis is the lead character of the Jedi Fallen Order game series, the second part of which will be released next year.  He is a padawan that survived Order 66 who gets called back into action to protect the identities of the galaxy’s Force sensitive children. The game uses the likeness of actors so would be an easy transfer to live action.

Harloff, who revealed the information via his YouTube channel, usually has a good bullshit detector for Star Wars rumours so while this is just a rumour there is a high chance his source is correct.

To add fuel to the rumour, in a recent interview Kathleen Kennedy claimed the live action shows where looking to the way the stories are told in the video games for inspiration.

Click the link below for the report.

Source: Kristian Harloff

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