Matt Shakman In Talks To Direct ‘Fantastic Four’


Matt Shakman, who directed all nine episodes of ‘WandaVision’, has become the front runner to direct Marvel Studios’ ‘Fantastic Four’.

If he were to come onboard he would be replacing ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ director Jon Watts who stepped away from the project to take a break from blockbuster filmmaking.

There have been no casting announcements for the film but they are expected at next weekends D23 event. John Krasinski, the fans favourite, appeared as a version of Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic in ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ but is not expected to reprise the role in the new film.

Nothing is known about the plot but Kevin Feige has promised it won’t be an origin story as this has already been told on film three times.

Shakman is also attached to the next Star Trek film but this now seems unlikely as ‘Fantastic Four’ has a release date of 8th November 2024 leaving him very little time to direct to tentpole films.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


  1. I Think Annabelle Wallis as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman & Dominic Cooper as Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic In MCU Fantastic Four


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