Marvel Studios Hits The Breaks On ‘Blade’


The MCU version of ‘Blade’ had been set to go before cameras in November but the plug has been pulled for the time being.

Two weeks ago the film lost its director, Bassam Tariq, with the rumour that he was dismissed due the slow speed that the project was progressing. Marvel were on the hunt for a new director to turn the project around quickly and hit the 3rd November 2023 release date but now the film has been paused.

Marvel announced that Mahershala Ali would be playing Blade at ComicCon in 2019 but since them the film has become the usually reliable studio’s most trouble production. Ali has remained attached but there had been virtually no news on the project until Tariq’s departure.

There has been no comment from Marvel on the film’s release date.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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