Top 5 Great Moments From ‘Andor’ Season 1


‘Andor’ has wrapped up its twelve episode first season and Tony Gilroy and team have delivered the best Star Wars of the modern age. What started out as a show that the majority were indifferent about when it was announced ended up being must see TV, out shining long awaited series about legacy characters. The season combined pew pew Star Wars action with the grit of a spy thriller and grounded the Galaxy far, far away more than anything that has come before.

Here are the top five moments that made ‘Andor’ great for us.


5. Brasso turns on beast mode

Brasso has played the role of loyal friend for the whole season. Acting as an alibi when needed, looking out for Cassian’s mother, Maarva, in his absence, and fighting back when he has the opportunity. In the third episode he does this by taking out the Corpo shuttle but it’s in the series finale that he leads the charge. Inspired by Maarva’s call to arms from beyond the grave, and the Imperial attempts to silence it, Brasso springs into action. He brains an Imperial with a brick made from his best friend’s mum and then nuts a Stormtrooper full in the face before escaping to fight another day.


4. Kino can’t swim

Kino Loy, played by Andy Serkis, is Cassian’s shift supervisor when he finds him in Imperial prison. We see him go from being a man towing the Imperial line to being broken by the realisation of the situation he is in. Then, inspired by Cassian, he leads the escape with the call “One way out”. Serkis’ performance is unmatched by anything in recent Star Wars. The amount of emotions he goes through and his line delivery push Kino to the top of the list of new favourite characters. He goes from unsure of the plan to leading the charge the moment he senses hope. He then pauses as he has to give a motivational speech to drive the other prisoners forward and needs Andor to lift him up. It’s only at the end, when Kino reveals that he can’t swim and escape is impossible for him, that you realise that there was never a way out for him.


3. Cassian shoots, Skeen doesn’t

Cassian had an antagonistic relationship with Skeen from the moment they met as teammates in the build up to the Aldhani heist. Skeen is understandably suspicious as Andor has appeared out of nowhere and paranoia runs high on both sides. The pair survive the robbery and escape with the Imperial credits alongside the Rebel leader, Vel, and the fatally injured Nemik. When Skeen has a moment alone with Andor he reveals that he in just in this for the money and is willing to split it between the two of them. Before he can finish his sentence Cassian guns him down in cold blood. It’s more than likely an act of self-preservation but, given the opportunity to take all the credits, he just takes what he is owed. Even though this act puts him in the crosshairs of both the Empire and the Rebellion it shows that he is not just looking out for himself and is prepared to do what must be done.


2. Luthen’s sacrifice

We were promised a spy story set in the Star Wars universe and that promise was fulfilled. No scene highlighted this more than Luthen meeting his Imperial mole. In a show that people have complained about not feeling enough like Star War we are now presented with a man dressed all in black, standing on a handrail-less walkway, confessing his truths. This whole list could be made from Luthen moments but this scene isn’t just one of the best of the season, it’s one of the best in all Star Wars. Stellan Skarsgård delivers a monologue on sacrifice that cuts to the bone of what it means to start a rebellion and cements his place in Star Wars history.


1. Cassian commits

The whole season was leading to this moment. When we meet Cassian he is somewhat selfish in his outlook. He does not support the Empire but he’s not looking to get involved in the rebellion, he’s just trying to find his sister. But he’s a rogue and a grifter with a skillset that puts him on Luthen’s radar and gets sucked into the story. Through most of the season he has no agency, he’s just reacting to the situations he finds himself in and ends up hunted by both sides. With each episode he grow as a character as he experiences the horrors of the Empire. In the season’s last scene he makes a choice, confronts Luthen and puts his life in his hands. He is prepared to die in that moment and is now all in. We have witnessed the birth of a Rebel hero.

What are your favourite moments? Comment below.

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