Jonathan Kasdan Wants To Tell More ‘Solo’ Stories


Jonathan Kasdan, who co-wrote ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ with his father, Lawrence, is doing the rounds promoting his new series ‘Willow’.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he was asked if there was a future for the ‘Solo’ characters, especially Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra. Unfortunately, Kasdan is in the dark about the roadmap for the future of Star Wars as everybody else.

I don’t honestly know. I’m always afraid to ask Kathy (Kennedy, President of Lucasfilm) because she can see right through me. Despite all my resistance, she instantly sees right through me, and she can see my desire to tell more stories there. But in recent months, I have been intrigued by the wonderful Werewolf by Night as a potential form of storytelling on Disney+. So I would love to see Lucasfilm embrace a short-form novella version for telling some of their stories. That certainly seems like a place where future stories about those characters could live.

Jonathan Kasdan/THR

‘Willow’ is currently on Disney+.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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